Thursday, September 14, 2017


I didn't leave you totally ... there were a couple of photos!

The Lemon Meringue pie wasn't that nice... I doubled the amount of lemons and it was still too sweet.

Today I have a walk first thing this morning... as long as it's not pissing down with rain.  Everyone is totally over the rain, so if it's raining I'm going to cancel the walk.

I will be doing some sewing today as well.

ABOVE:  Done.  
My sewing room is a bit of a mess, so I shall be tidying that up first though, I can't work in a mess.

Then... I have ANOTHER walk early tonight!  I am trying to get the Leamington side done and dusted so I can relax and just choose walks that I want to go on.  If both walks go ahead today, I will only have one more to complete all of the walks posted so far.  

Then that will just leave one or two sections in St Kilda (East side) to go, they have not been plotted or posted yet.  Then the Urban Challenge will be over.

Goodness knows what happens after that.  Rural walks?  Tracks?  Who knows.  Everyone is hoping that the group does not just wind up.

Heard from Lacy recently.  Sounds like she's coming back to the Waikato, things ain't working out up north.  Her course didn't work out... not her fault though.  Circumstances beyond her control... call it her past catching up with her. 
Hopefully she sorts her shit out... cos we no longer can.  

This week is certainly dragging by soooooooo slow.  I'm feeling really flat and 'can't be bothered' ... it's an effort to act happy.  But... 'Fake it till ya make it' eh?  Things will pick up in the mood stakes, they usually do eventually.
No real reason for the blues... maybe it's just all the constant rain?  *sigh*


WHOOPS!  Bet ya THINK I'm still on a blog break!
I'm not.

When I got home from my walk, I quickly tidied up as I had a visitor coming out from Hamilton.

A very old friend who I'd not seen for many years... HILLARY.  We were like best buddies back when we lived in Hamilton 15 years ago.  But like it can happen, we had lost touch with each other.

So... she duly arrived and we kinda yakked for a few hours!  Even went down to the local coffee shop for lunch (well... drink and cake).

It was just lovely catching up with her, and I vow to keep in touch ... we are after all, only half an hour apart, she's in Hamilton.

 ABOVE:  Me and Hillary.   Yikes, no makeup except lippy!  Oh well, no one can accuse me of looking over done today! lol

ABOVE:  Hillary's hubby surprised her for her recent 'milestone' birthday with a lovely new MINI ... it's GORGEOUS!  Lucky tart.

SO Happy!  My 'new' sneakers arrived back this afternoon, just in time for me to wear them to my 2nd walk of the day.  
The walk started at 5.30 pm, a weird time but it worked ... it was a nice walk too.  Lots of lovely ladies for company.

AND THE BEST THING?   No shin splints on the evening walk!
The last three walks, in my old sneakers, I've gotten shin splints so bad.  So relieved the new shoes support my legs/feet properly.

ABOVE:  Today's walk photos.  

And that's it for today.
It started out with me feeling rather low, and ended on a high.
Thank you endorphins!  lol


  1. Welcome back, I've been reading your blog for the past 6 years on a daily basis. I wish we had sone rain here, very dry and the temperatures are already beteen 30 and 34 here iin Johannesburg. We usually always go straight to summer from winter without spring, but I love it and at the same time some rain would be nice. I hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. I know what you mean about the rain, I guess it is spring weather but enough already!! Enjoy your walks today 😊

  3. Grey here but cold no rain but threatening. No wonder you are a bit flat kiddo u have had you fair share of other ppls crap to deal with plus that nasty bug you had your doing a good job of "faking it to you make it". I call it painting on a smile, but some times there just isn't enough paint for the smile to look real. You are doing an awesome job kiddo

  4. Are you suffering from SAD - seasonal affective syndrome? Helen in France

  5. The best lemon meringue pie ever is the condensed milk recipe with the biscuit base. No other pie compares... I haven't made it or had it for years but it's still my favourite dessert ever.

    About the walks - perhaps the group could choose some favourites each month to walk again? Definitely keep the social and active side going.

  6. Sounds like you need a wee holiday. Maybe you and Stew could have a weekend away, just the two of you.

  7. Anonymous11:24 AM


    Now that Lacy has been on a course she may still feel up to doing another that is less stressful a bit more fun for another job ? your face looked a lot thinner in the photo yesterday. Do you feel much fitter now ?

    Cheers Peta

    1. Who knows what Lacy will get up to next! As for me, yes I do feel fitter. Not like, REALLY fit, but certainly fitter that I was 3 months ago! I was a couch potato before.

  8. I usually halve the sugar when making Lemon Meringue Pie and add finely grated rind. I made the condensed milk one that Linda likes once but wasn't a fan of it.

  9. Definately noticing the weight loss now, we have had oodles rain it's good here though just drains away.. Quickly but Taupo so much colder than everywhere else...

  10. You look amazing even without makeup. Can sure see you're losing weight Chris. Good on you.

  11. Glad to hear you enjoyed your mini break. Looks like a busy day.

  12. A walk group is about the only way I could make myself get started on a regular walk. I have every excuse....which is terrible!

    Hope Lucie works things out. No fun to have things not turn out.

  13. I made the condensed milk one that Linda likes once but wasn't a fan of it.



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