Saturday, December 31, 2016


Yesterday was the first day we had what I consider a typical summer day.

Kids.  Sunshine.  Paddle pool. Lying in the sun. Good food and diet coke!

ABOVE:  THAT is summer time in New Zealand.

It's the last day of 2016.  It's been one hell of a year for us.
After a very long and stressful 11 months selling our Auckland home, and trying to buy something in Hamilton, we finally found our new, gorgeous home here in Cambridge.

Then it was 6 months of settling in here, getting the home and section just how we wanted them.

Now we get to look forward to a New Year!  I hope we have a peaceful and happy 2017.

And I wish the same for YOU too.  If you do have stresses in your life, I hope they don't blight your new year and are resolved soon.

Steve has some fireworks for New Years Eve tonight... exciting!

Today will be spent repeating yesterday I hope.  We will be going into Hamilton at some point to see if we can find a decent sized kid's pool for us.   The one here right now is Steve and Bex's.


4.20 pm:  and we've had a very successful day shopping!
Brylee finally got herself some new summer dresses:

ABOVE:  Doesn't she look lovely!
Now I hope I don't have to look at the bloody jeans and t-shirts for a few weeks.

We also found a nice little paddle pool for here, and more tiles for the ink pictures, shorts for Keera, window shade for the car so the sun ain't on Keera... and can't remember what else!

In other words, we had fun.  Shopping is always fun.  😇

Steve and Bex have friends visiting from Hamilton, they are staying for dinner, so yaa ... takeaways and no cooking for me.

What a lovely day AGAIN!  Dinner was Pizza, which was neat.
After our visitors left, we played 'Pie Face' until everyone had cream on their faces.  Well, except for Brylee ... who pulled back and wore the cream all over her clothes.  

Steve let off a few fireworks around 9 pm, and is saving the last couple till midnight.

If I stay up till then, I will get some photos of the blasts all going well.

LOTS of photos tomorrow.

HAPPY NEW YEAR KIWIS, and a bit later to everyone else.  


  1. Anonymous9:24 AM

    oh those photos are typical fun in the sun right there. We have a tunning day so might be another swim in the lake. If I ca get into town we have Reggae by the River and UB40 here just outside our door literally... I'm going to sit in carport shade in my chair drink and enjoy the free sounds. It's me Blondie

  2. Looks like a beautiful day there. It seems weird that it is New Year's Eve there as it is only 3:11 in the afternoon here, on Friday. We also have bright sunshine but it's only -5C, which is really nice as we are going down to -25C over the next few days!! Yikes! Hope you enjoy the fireworks.

  3. Here in SA you will never turn blue,this time of the year the Sun is just too hot, directly above us on the line of Capricorn. But I always find pools to be cold even if the water is above 30 degrees. Happy New year to you and your wonderful family.

  4. Love the photos cool wind here today so think pool goers will be turning blue here today. Happy new year Chris Stew and family. Enjoy your family night together xx

  5. Love that pic of the littles in the nudie... so cute.

  6. Those pictures are so Kiwi summer - brilliant!!!!!

  7. I hope 2017 is full of NO stress for you and Stew, after the last few years you so deserve it. Have so enjoyed reading your blog Chris, you really are an awesome Mum!

  8. Brylee's new dresses are lovely and look great on her.

  9. Love the dresses Brylee, they all look lovely :-)

  10. Happy new year chick❤❤

  11. Happy New Year - looking forward to reading more about your home and family in the next year. I hope there are many more sunny fun-filled days for you and Stew and all the family.

  12. The dresses look really nice on Brylee.. love all the photos. Happy New Year!

  13. Love the dresses Brylee.

    Happy New Year to you and yours Chris xx


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