Thursday, December 29, 2016


Yesterday afternoon I told Stew I wanted to move some stuff around in the house.

He knew better than to disagree.

It took us about 3 hours, which I didn't think was too bad.

Basically, I wanted the dining table and chairs in the lounge, as we hardly ever use it.  And I wanted to de-clutter the Family Room and just have more room in it.

So, that involved moving the china cabinet out of the lounge, it went into the hallway at the other end of the house.

The Britto Cabinet, and TV in the Family room got moved to one wall... then we spaced the other furniture around in the bigger space.


ABOVE:  Stew's being fairly non-committal on how he thinks it looks/feels.  But I'm really happy with it.

There's heaps more room for the kids to play in here, and it doesn't look so cluttered or bunched up.

I don't have photos of the Lounge/Dining room as it's still being used by Steve, Bex and the boys to sleep in.

As we don't use the table and chairs much, they can clutter up that room instead!

Today we all have stuff to do in Hamilton.  Bex wants to visit a couple of craft/wool shops, and we have a few things to do/get/exchange too.

So... out and about at some point.


I'm now mucking around with the idea of making a new valance for our bed, to go with the new white linen...

ABOVE:  Two shades of the same colour... which one to use?
And I think I will make those two little white cushions plain peppermint too... and the cloths on the bedside drawers too.

And that painting above the bed?  Might try adding peppermint to that too.

LOL... let's go all MATCHY MATCHY!

We just had a massive win!
We bought new bark collars for the dogs back in July.  They NEVER WORKED.
But I couldn't return them cos I simply could not find the receipts!
A week ago, while looking for me togs (again), I found the receipts in one of my drawers.  
So, today we took the bark collars back to Animates.

And they said we had to talk to the suppliers of said bark collars, and they rang them for us, right there and then.

After a long, half hour discussion, where we were made to jump through hoops AND the staff at Animates had to as well... they finally conceded that we had done everything possible to 'make them work on our dogs', and they gave us back our money!

I'm talking A LOT OF MONEY.  I was thrilled to bits.  It had been pissing me off for ages, having spent a lot of money on a product that DID NOT WORK.  Our dogs literally laughed and laughed wearing them, they could bark their bloody heads off and nothing happened.

We are now back to using their old collars, that do work...even if they do look huge and ugly on them. That was the reason for changing to smaller, more compact ones in the first place.

While out, Stew and I also grabbed some fresh groceries.  Man is this house going through some food!

I also stopped in at Spotlight and got a couple of things for the Ink Art.  Just a little spend, I have no plans to plough too much money into yet another craft!  I have far too much already.

So nice in the evenings now, cool and refreshing.  Took the dogs for a walk around 8 pm, it was so nice.

All the little kids are now in bed, asleep.  Archer is miserable and letting us all know it too.  Teething... snot everywhere and grumpy as hell. Joy.

The guys are watching a shoot 'em up movie... more joy.

Might go and do another ink tile.  They are such fun.


  1. ohhhhh that looks better and amazing how roomier it does look. AND seen as you have loads of family guests it makes sense, colder today down our way just nice.It's me today Blondie... and that stooped google blogger has signed me in duh lol

  2. Caught up reading all your posts. Looks like a great family Christmas! Hope everyone is done being sick for awhile.

  3. Is the bottom pic a darker mint? If so, go with that one - more contrast with the white. I like the touch of colour in the cushions.

    Now the lounge, great idea to get the table out but why have the chairs all around the edges? I'd bring them in a little so you can walk behind them not way back as they are.

    1. One couch is 'in', which enables people to walk between it and the kitchen bench and bar stools, the two chairs are set back so you can easily walk to the sliding door leading out to the back yard and if we move the other couch in there will be no room in the middle of the room for the kids to play. I've played with the furniture placement and really like how it is right now.

    2. Oh and yes, I am leaning towards the fabric in the lower photo too.

    3. I meant the two single chairs in a bit... put the britto cabinet back on the wall behind and use that area as the walk way to the outside? Obviously I'm not there so it's difficult to see how it would work. Stew just looks tooooooo far away from the TV where they are :)

  4. any tips to getting the refund with animates would be MUCH appreciated. I spent $399 on a wee compact bark colar with them 8 weeks ago and have had the exact same issue. It simply doesn't appear to do anything. I have even lent it to a friend who trains dogs, she is not a fan of the bark collars but conceded that I had tried 6mths of training that had also had little effect. To her the bark collar was an absolute last resort. Well, she tested it for me over a two week period and just as I had found, it was useless. I do have my receipt, but sounds like it was a mission and a half getting the supplier to come to the party, any tips?

    1. Stick to your guns! Get the shop to ring the supplier, get them to check it while you are there... say over and over again that it doesn't work, that you have reset it over and over again, you have shaved your dogs neck for good contact, it's tight enough so it doesn't slip off their voice box area and stand your ground. If you pay that much for it, and it doesn't work, you are ENTITLED to get your money back! NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE!~
      And if they say your dog has barked too much and made the battery flat... point out that the bloody thing is supposed to stop them barking, so it shouldn't go flat in the first place! I hope that helps.

  5. If the collar doesn't work then the seller must remedy so it was unfair of animates to make you ring the supplier.
    The CGA gives you rights if the products you buy or are supplied by a business are faulty and do not meet any of the guarantees under the Act.

    All consumer products must:

    be of acceptable quality (durable, safe, fit for purpose, free from defects, acceptable in look or finish)
    be fit for any particular purpose you have told the supplier
    But good that you got a great outcome!

    1. Yes, we are very lucky we got our money back, but we knew we were in the right. When something isn't fit for purpose, then you have right on your side.

  6. CONGRATS on the money back win!

    Your home looks great! I have NO idea how you keep it so white and nice looking with all those kids about!

    1. Diligence. Never walking through a room without picking something up and putting it away as I go. Teaching the kids to tidy up after themselves. Never letting it get out of control. Being a NEAT FREAK helps. It's never ending hard work, but worth it for MY sanity! I doubt anyone else in the house really cares how it looks! lol

  7. Merry Christmas Chris & Co!
    House looks so spacious!
    Bed looks so clean and fresh for summer 😊
    Teeth sucks eh Archer!
    Hey you guys make the famous NZ lolly cake?
    We don't have Eskimo lollies here, what are they similar to? Clinkers?
    Have a lovely evening x

  8. renee5:25 AM

    Everything looks so lovely. Spacious ad bright. Your home is cozy. I was thinking you might try putting your Britto cabinet on a bit of an angle in the corner of that room. Just a thought. I am always trying to move things around too. Sometimes moving the furniture is all I need to feel like I have a fresh perspective.

  9. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Stew looks like he's miles away from the telly! Poor bugger ;)


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