Friday, December 30, 2016


Last night I had another play with the Alcohol Inks.

And I finally hit on something I really, really love!

I did one, and immediately decided to call it 'Galaxy'.  Then I did another one.  And wiped it all off cos it sucked.
The 3rd one came out awesome, so I have added it to my first Galaxy one... so now I've got a 'Galaxy Series' going on...

 ABOVE:  Galaxy 1.

ABOVE:  Galaxy 2.

I think I could have worked on Galaxy 2 a bit longer, and given it a bit more depth, but it was getting late and I was worried I would over do it. (THAT is easy to do!)

What do you think of them?  Like.  Dislike.  I'm thinking of putting them in a frame.  Maybe making more and seeing if I can sell them at the local market?  That's just a thought right now.

It's Friday right?  Which means Steve will be back tonight after work.  He will be staying for the weekend, then both he and Bex will be going home.  And the boys of course.

Hopefully Archer is feeling a bit better by the time Steve gets here. Nothing worse than a grizzly, teething toddler.

Thankfully Keera is coming right.  Her appetite isn't that good yet, but she is eating small amounts, so I'm not worried.

Dante certainly seems to have his appetite back... he was caught hiding under a bed yesterday, eating chocolates!  😄😇😉 *laughing*

So what are we doing today?  No bloody idea.
If it's warm enough, I'd like to think we will get the kids paddle pool out and let them splash around in it.  That should keep them happy for ages.

I'm going to make a couple more, smaller 'Galaxy' tiles.  I bought some little tiles yesterday from Mitre 10, they are like ... $1.16 each!  So cheap!!!  And the best thing is, if you stuff it up, you can just wipe it all off and start again. LOVE IT

So... that's it for now.
Catch ya later.


It's a stunning day!  Stew is mowing the lawns, the kid's paddle pool is full and warming up.  Kids are having lunch, then a swim.
Hopefully they get all nice and tired and sleep this afternoon... especially Archer.

He's cried NON STOP ... all day so far.  He's miserable.

 ABOVE:  Bex blowing up the paddle pool, while 3 little kids wait... then finally get to step in it.

 ABOVE:  Their little faces say it all!

ABOVE:  They didn't last long... the sun went behind clouds and they got cold.  

In fact, Dante is BLUE!  I'm going to cuddle him in a blanket to get him warm again.  Scary seeing his lips BLUE!

After lunch we went down to Mitre 10 for a couple of things for framing the Galaxy tiles, then came home and had a wonderful afternoon on the lawn with the kids.

Steve is on his way ... hopefully the traffic isn't too horrendous, but something tells me it will be.  Thousands will be heading out of Auckland for New Year's Eve somewhere else I bet.

Steve got here safely, and apparently the traffic wasn't heavy coming this way at all.

I made a lovely seafood salad for dinner tonight, we had it over lettuce.  Really healthy.
The ice cream afterwards... not so much.  lol

Winding down for the evening... 


  1. Loving the ink work.

  2. Glad the kids are on the mend!

  3. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Love the galaxy tiles! Michelle from Sydney.

  4. Anonymous2:11 PM


    Lovely pics, sounds like you have all been having a good son and his girlfriend are in New Zealand for two weeks, travelling down from Auckland to Wellington and fly back home from Wellington...they arrived yesterday...I wish I was there too..I could come and visit you and Lynda !



  5. love the galaxy tiles. pool fun looked great too.
    Happy New Year to you all Chris

  6. Anonymous4:25 PM

    The galaxy tiles are gorgeous such vibrant colours splash back for the BBQ I feel coming on lol but I do recall some UFO you may still have lurking in your cupboard... I may be tempted to swim in the big pool I call our Lake bet it be cold though STILL! It's me Blondie...

  7. CAn you make the galaxy tiles durable to use as a trivet or counter top surface?

    1. Yes, I have to wait till an Arts shop in Hamilton re-opens after Christmas, then I will try and get the spray on coating to seal them. I plan on making them into either trivets or wall hangings.... or someone might want to make them into splashbacks? Who knows, I'm just starting out on them.

  8. Hi Chris, I have just spent the last several weeks reading your blog from the beginning (over 3700 posts!!!) Yikes! When I find a blog that looks interesting to me I like to read it from the beginning. I've loved reading about your family and all the artsy-crafty stuff you do. All the moves you've made and all the wonderful things you do for your family. Because I've read the blog from the beginning I feel I know you which, of course, I don't and you don't know me from Adam. I wish we had your beautiful weather over Christmas instead of the 20cm of snow we got on Christmas Eve!!! I hate your 'Pepsi' but understand completely why you have it. I love seeing your little grandchildren being so at home in your house. You have so much to be proud off. I"m looking forward to reading just one post a day from you from now on, lol. From Janice in snowy Alberta, Canada

    1. LOL... Stew said you are a nutter, that is A LOT OF READING! I knew someone was reading HEAPS... every now and then I check my stat counter, and have seen a few 'mass readings' ... you are not the only one doing it! Well done of getting through all of them! Bloody hell, 3,700 posts!

    2. I must be a nutter too as when I 'found' you I had to go back to the start as well !

    3. My husband would definitely agree with Stew but it must have been good reading or I would have quite before the first hundred posts!!

  9. A nutter! Bloody hell. You have the cutest descriptive words! Americans don't have as much charm in language. I love the way you say a lot of things.

  10. Love the Galaxy series, such vibrant colours :-).

    I hope Steve arrives safely, I bet the boys & Bex have missed him heaps (possibly why Archer being a grizzle guts). If I could fit under the bed Dante, I would be there eating chocolate too mate lol.

  11. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Love the tiles but think there might be too much blue in number 2 as number 1 is more colourful

    1. Someone will love it I'm sure.

  12. My nephew always got like that with the blue lips. He was pretty skinny so I think he just didn't have enough body fat to keep him warm.


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