Friday, December 23, 2016


I've been awake since 4 am. My mind won't rest. My coughing won't let me either. I'm going to be a bloody wreck come 2 pm. I think a nap is going to happen around then. *smiles*

My darling man gets to finish work at the end of the day, then he's on holiday for a couple of weeks.

I hope he gets to wind down and enjoy some quiet time, and spend some quality time with his family.

There is a big question mark over whether Mike and Joyce will make it up here ... I am praying they can get here.

Today I WILL do the bloody housework. No ducking out of it this time. I will be home.

The kids will be roped in to help, even Keera can do a small job or two as well.

Yesterday I lied about being home, when I was not. That was for security reasons. This time of year, you don't want to advertise the fact that you are not home.

Moving on... I'm going to work on ideas for the Monkey Bars today as well. Draw a plan for our builder to work with.

Fun fun.

There's an informal party for some of us Weight Watchers next week... it's a PINK themed lunch party! What fun. Wondering what to wear.... going to visit Kelly later on today. She has pink stuff.

I saw the 'shorts' for a movie last night, called 'The Shallows'. Made me want to NEVER swim in the sea again. Gimme a lake any day.

It's pouring with rain... has been all night. All I can think of is yaaa... don't have to water the gardens. Though I do hope it's not wet on Christmas Day. That would suck.


Well I've done ONE THING all day!
I finally got a roof on this:

ABOVE:  now it's going to be a gift for someone on Christmas Day.  For someone who doesn't have a house!

I'm now not going into Hamilton, as Kelly can't find the one thing I wanted to borrow.  I'm gutted.  Sadly, it's probably caused a rift between us now. 

Bex and the boys have arrived, and Steve is due soon.
Mike and Joyce ARE coming tomorrow.  It's going to be an awesome Christmas.

Just add two small boys, and it's bedlam here!
Noise and squabbles, but they will settle down eventually.

Dinner tonight was lamb spare ribs in a sticky rib marinade, steamed veges and hash browns.  Very yum.

A quiet night is on the cards, ONCE the small people are in bed.  *smiles*


  1. Ditto! I've been awake and coughing too... Bloody crap feeling like this! Raining here too...hoping it will clear for tomorrow as we're going to rotorua for Christmas. Got cleaning up to do today but yes...I see a nap on the horizon!!

  2. I had to go pick a very drunk teenager up from town at 2am the the blasted cat came in for a cuddle at 4.30, then had to drop other teenager to work at 7!!. Not feeling like going to work today :-).

    1. You are SUCH a good mother!

    2. He is also getting the washing in, folding that and the load I got in a couple of days ago, emptying the dishwasher and making me a Christmas playlist - nothing like a repentant hangover teenager :-)

      Hope you are feeling better.

  3. Anonymous11:23 PM

    Ohhhh I love the roof addition to the pottery house gorgeous. IT RAINED NO IT FRIGGIN POURED with rain here all night, woke me several times. do hope your cough settles soon. How lovely a house full just lovely bet the kids and you be praying for sunny weather to venture outside.. It's me Blondie

  4. Merry Christmas Eve since you are a day ahead of us! TG I still have today to squish some things in.


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