Sunday, December 18, 2016


Well... I had to drag Stew away from the sport on the telly last night to get the monkey bars hauled around the back yard.

But with some minor difficulty, they got it in place.

And then it was play time:

ABOVE:  Even the 'big kids' enjoyed having a play on the bars.
Keera just loved them, she seemed to enjoy climbing up that side the most.

Once I've added things to it, it will be much more versatile.

Today we are off to Auckland to attend Dante's 4th Birthday Party.  It's being held at a mini train track place in Panmure, so the little kids can all go for train rides.
Hopefully the weather stays nice.

Right, that's all for now... off to get ready to leave.


6.50 pm:  And we have been home for about 2 hours.  We had the most lovely day!
Spent heaps of time with Dante and his family, lots of fun at the park taking train rides and just enjoying the company.

I took MILLIONS of photos... and when I wasn't taking photos with my camera, Steve was.

I will show you a few now, and some more tomorrow...

 NO CAPTIONS ... cos right now we have a rather sick little girl:

Vomiting, temperature of 40.3, in the bath cooling down right now.  Stew's gone out to try and find some child paracetamol, cos we have none.

Well thank goodness!  Keera is feeling much better now, she had a tepid bath, ice cream and child paracetamol and her temp' has come down to a more acceptable level.

She's now in bed and it's wind down time here.  Everyone is tired after a hot day and travelling.


  1. That looks like fun. Happy Birthday to Dante. It is lovely and sunny and supposed to stay that way. have a fun day.

  2. Wow this monkey bar set would make an awesome to hang my fairy lights lol (thinking I am becoming obsessed with sparkly coloured lights). Have an awesome day for Dante party. Wi off to school next

  3. Awesome photos ☺ thanks you for coming the boys had lots of fun

  4. Looks like you all had a lovely day. I hope poor wee Keera gets better soon.

  5. Nice depth of field in todays photos! Good job blurring the background and focusing on the people. Especially in the one of steve and griffin and the two little ones. The background has blur from motion. Did you pan on the subjects? I am usually oblivious to such things - but todays photos stood out! I hope wee keera feels better tomorrow.

  6. Great photos, happy birthday to Dante (love the Paw Patrol cake). I hope Keera is OK.

  7. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Gosh those monkey bars are really huge GREAT SCORE! Dantes birthday photos looked superb love theat everyone was on the train. Nice shot of Steve and Stew. Glad Keera is feeling a little better, kids get sick so quick BUT bounce back remarkably fast too. It's me Blondie... So nice you had a lovely end to your weekend. Archers hair is soo blonde lovely.

  8. Happy Birthday to Dante! Poor Keera that doesn't look like fun being sick like that. Glad it was just a short one. Love her little dress.

  9. The monkey bars look fantastic!!


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