Sunday, January 01, 2017



Our Fireworks last night:

ABOVE:  If anyone was awake at midnight near our house last night, they wouldn't have been after our fireworks!   They were huge and super noisy.  Coco had the shakes for ages afterwards, poor girl.

Now... some happy snaps from yesterday:

ABOVE:  Sam and Nicky and their two children, Alex and Sophie visiting yesterday.

ABOVE:  Alex on the swing, it's proved to be very popular.

 ABOVE: Gorgeous Sophie in the paddle pool with Archer.

 ABOVE:  She's a stunning wee girl.

 ABOVE:  Archer worked out how to empty the water out of the pool.

 ABOVE:  Sophie and Steve.

 ABOVE:  Nicky enjoying the swing too.

ABOVE:  Seconds before Bex said 'Leave it alone!"

More BABY BUMS... these two littlies are 9 days apart in age, Archer being the elder.

ABOVE:  Cute, cute little babes.

ABOVE: Sophie, Nicky and Bex.


ABOVE:  I laughed so much I nearly threw up again!

 ABOVE:  Steve having a go with the inks... his first attempt got wiped off, that is his 2nd one.

 ABOVE: Bex having her first go too... and her 1st tile ever.

 ABOVE:  My ink work from last night... a tryptic which will be mounted and framed, and ...

ABOVE:  This one, which I really like.  It's not a big tile.  Just a bit bigger than a coaster.

A Funny:  Stew, Brylee, Steve and Bex playing Yahtzee last night.  Brylee asked: "What big ones don't I have yet?"   

Steve answered without even thinking about it: "Breasts, three of a kind, four of a kind and a small straight".

Shit do we have some laughs in this house!  Don't worry, Brylee is not the only person mocked around here.  No one is safe.

Right.  Today. More family time.  Steve, Bex and the boys are leaving for their home at some point.

Then it's back to 'normal' around here for a little while I suppose.

I hope everyone has an awesome 1st of January, 2017.  We're going to.


5.20 pm:  And it's been a very quiet day.  Steve and Bex packed up and left for home just before lunchtime, then it was tidy up time around here.

The kids did the vacuming, I got three loads of washing done, and after a general tidy up, the house was back to normal.

I must clean some windows at some point, Archer likes messing them up!

We are having left over stew made into pies, with mashed potatoes and veges for dinner.  Should be nice.

Dinner was nice.  Then I had a go at another ink painting... but kept fluffing it up, so gave up.  Too tired I think.
Off to bed soon as we have a day trip planned for tomorrow.


  1. And happy birthday to Gordy

  2. It was a awsome day and evening 😊 xx

  3. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Awesome family fun times such gorgeous photos, I have a bare bum photo of Samuel and his best friend at that age so cute.... The inks look fab would or could you do that as Batiks on silk is that how they do it? ( curious), Cooler today just nice did Taxi pick up at 1am and 3am so be a nana nap in order today. It's me Blondie....

  4. Looks like you had a fabulous new year's eve and day. Lots of fun time with the family. We still have a few hours to wait for our new year (7 more hours). At the moment it is snowing like crazy and it's supposed to get really cold, it's not bad at the moment, it's only -4C and no wind-balmy,lol!! Our second son, Terry, is in Brisbane at the moment with a 50 hour layover. He works for air Canada. So he's walking around in flipflops and shorts and then coming back to lots of snow,haha!!

  5. Happy New Year Chris- the pics are so lovely!

  6. These babies are sooo precious. I'm so glad you have such a lovely home to host gatherings in. Hope you have a GREAT new year.

  7. Those naked bums are so cute!


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