Wednesday, December 07, 2016


ABOVE:  There's a special little guy under this Christmas tree!
We hope to see him in the New Year, he's got a new home with his family too.  They moved to Papamoa, the lucky buggers!  We would love to live that close to the beach one day.

But not yet!  We hope to enjoy our new home for a long time to come yet!

 ABOVE:  Tallulah, watching in hope I will give her something off my plate.  Doesn't happen very often!  
She's adorable.

 ABOVE:  Someone's heading off to camp...

ABOVE:  Yeah, this guy is.  He's off to Orewa (up past Auckland) on a three day, end of year camp.  Swimming, rock climbing, snowboarding and camping among other things.

I am sure he will have a wonderful time.

ABOVE:  he's a gorgeous boy, even with funny faces.

Today?  Once I've dropped Griffin and Keera at their respective places, it's home, pick up Brylee and off to Aqua Fit.

Then home to sand off some drips so I can close the bathroom unit's drawer, then get it back into our bathroom.  I MIGHT be able to do it with our hand truck?

If not, it will have to wait till Stew gets home.


Well... I 'suggested' the guys put the bathroom unit in my bathroom before they left for work/school:

 ABOVE:  before...

ABOVE:  after.
What do ya think now?  
I think it looks AWESOME.  And I will be getting new knobs for it ... pretty crystal ones.  Cos I like BLING!

4.01 pm: Well it's been a much quieter day today.... Brylee and I went to Aqua which was lovely.  The water was much cooler today, so more refreshing.

After that we came home, got cleaned up and went into Hamilton for a couple of things.

Knobs!  Found some, and a couple of hooks too.  Haven't had a chance to put them on yet, so no photo.  It will happen!  *smiles*

I also found a few more Christmas decorations:

 ABOVE:  The white leather decorations are for the tree, and the bell garland? I'll find a place for it!

Right... I'm off to put dinner in the oven (mutton chops)  then fix those knobs and hooks in the bathroom.

ABOVE:  Done.  Hook for hanging towel/clothes on, and pretty knobs.  No, they don't match the existing cabinet handles, and I'm fine with that.

It is a totally separate piece of furniture after all.

Dinner is smelling rather yum.  Whoops! We will have plenty of left overs, Griffin is away!  Totally forgot that he wouldn't be here when I got the meat out.  Oh well... lamb chops for lunch anyone?  lol

I'm rather sore after today's Aqua Fit!  Arms and legs/hips.  Must be doing something right eh?

Sign off time.  It's been a lovely day... which ended with an awesome chat with family in Auckland.


  1. While I like natural wood look in general, this colour just works beautifully for your unit & ties it all together - well done!

  2. Anonymous10:04 AM

    The white looks way better. I've got a new bathroom too. The modern ones don't have much storage do they.

  3. So much better in white, glad you love it too

  4. White is so much better !

  5. Anonymous12:20 PM


    The cupboard looks lovely,


  6. It looks gorgeous Chris - you are a clever girl 😀

  7. Cupboard looks way way groovy!! Very cool indeed. Good job

  8. The white cupbard really ties the bathroom together. Good job.

  9. You are so clever, that cabinet looks really good :-).

  10. That looks great! Wish I had your energy to get things done!!

  11. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Very swish that cupboard and love the handles. You so should be an interior designer. Glad you're enjoying the aqua classes. It's me Blondie.

  12. Who is the dog under the tree? Haven't read in a few days so maybe I missed something ;) Trevor eats ALL the food here too.

  13. Anonymous2:20 PM

    cabinet looks great!!!


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