Saturday, December 17, 2016


Well... hopefully nothing!

And then again... maybe our Monkey bars will get delivered today?
I should know by mid morning.  If they can't deliver them, I might have to go over next week to get them. 

There is no way we are going over today, that's for sure.

We plan on staying home and keeping an eye out for an unwanted 'visitor'.  Let's hope he's not so stupid as to actually turn up!
Lacy left her flat in acrimonious circumstances, and her ex-flatmate is out for blood.  Anyone's it would seem.

Oh joy.  Nothing we can't cope with I'm sure.  And the police are just down the road.  On speed dial if necessary!  *smiles*

I'm not really sure what we will get up to... I am very thankful to be feeling quite a bit better this morning, so I am sure I can get a few jobs done around the house/yard.

I'm pretty sure I have all xmas presents done/wrapped and under the tree, or already given out.  

We are expecting 4/6 of our kids for Christmas this year. I'm starting to feel excited ... MIKE and JOYCE are coming up!!!

That is going to be the BEST present this year.

And on that happy note, I am off to get some washing on... yaaa.  lol


so Yaaa!!!

 The Monkey Bars are arriving this morning AND AND AND....

...OUR NEW SECURITY DOORS!  How awesome is that?

After a few days of virtually no photos... you are gunna see some soon!

 ABOVE:  Monkey bars are here!  The guys will take them around the back later on.

ABOVE: At the same time, the security doors arrived too.

So, so funny... Keera's standing at the front door talking to the man installing the door. She tells him he cannot make a mess and he has to tidy it up!

Cos we don't like a mess!

Oh... I've clearly had an influence on that child! lol

 ABOVE: The front door done.  It looks great!

 ABOVE:  Keera 'supervising' the operation...


 ABOVE:  Family room from the inside...

ABOVE:  Family room from the outside.  I like how it's hard to actually see in from the outside.  Stew is standing in the doorway and you can hardly tell.

LUCKILY... it looks like we won't be getting an uninvited visitor.  Maybe the Police had a word with him after I rang them yesterday?  I hope so.  We have personally done NOTHING wrong, and don't deserve to be harassed.

Moving on... Stew is about to mow the lawns, then we can install the monkey bars where I want them... and add the swing.

8.20 pm:  And the lawns are done, dinner is consumed and it's wind down time.  The guys haven't moved the monkey bars yet... might crack the whip soon!

Enjoy your evening.  


  1. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Sounds like the security doors have turned up at the right time!

  2. That is very awesome that your monkey bars and security doors are arriving today! Perfect timing on all counts by the sounds of it - something to keep all the little people happy on over the festive season, and great to have the ability to have doors open on hot days without worrying about unwanted visitors.

  3. OMG! I was going to write word for word what the anonymous said about the doors. But it's true right? The doors arrive on the very day you may have an unsavory visitor. All the contruction and mayhem around deliveries at your place will certainly keep tthem away! I love the swing for the monkey bars. That will be fun! Can't wait to see pictures!

  4. Do the doors have mesh as well to keep bugs out? I presume they do... that will make an enormous difference in the summer.

    1. For sure... that was part of the reason for getting them

  5. Anonymous1:14 PM

    awesome, love little miss supervisor, love the look on her face, you go my baby xx
    #2 x

  6. The doors look really good! Nice that they were able to be installed before Christmas! I have never seen that sort of security door before - good job!

  7. Anonymous11:23 PM

    Gee everything is falling into place nicely and those monkey bars are huge!! What a score all the kids will get hours of fun using that... Super super hot here today was nice and now that it has cooled down even better we had 6 degrees this morning though and prob be 5-6 tomorrow morning by the feel of the cold night air. It's me Blondie

  8. Keera is adorable! The new door is so nice... now I want a pretty security door for my house. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas holiday. I love your blog and keeping up with the ins and outs of life in New Zealand. Cheers! ~Nicole in CA

  9. Keera is so cute supervising!


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