Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2012 vs, 2016

This is what happens in just 4 years:

ABOVE:  Can you BELIEVE the difference in everyone?
And of course, we added young Archer into the mix too.

Who knows, in another 4 years there might be ANOTHER little Harvey child there!

Today we are thinking of going out to Lake Karapiro, check it out.  It will depend on the  weather of course.  I'm not sure what the forecast is, we missed it last night on the news.


11.45 am and I'm home, almost alone.  Just Keera for company for a little while.

Mike and Joyce have left for Whakatane, her family are holiday'ing there.  Once they have seen them they will be heading back to Palmerston North.  We are so thankful they came up.  THANKS KIDDOS.

Bex, Brylee and the little boys have gone down the road to get some groceries and shop.

A few minutes ago I had a man at the door... and he had Coco in his arms and Tallulah at his feet!

WTF?  Seems Keera went outside to get something off the driveway,  and let them out.

So lucky he found where they lived!  They didn't have their 'normal' collars on, so no identification.  Yikes.  Better keep them on them I think.

We haven't headed out to the lake after all.  It's very overcast, but still nice.  But... I've got heaps to do around here... so a quiet home day is happening.

10.01 pm:  It's has been a quiet day.  Really needed it too.
Time to head off to bed.


  1. Anonymous9:10 AM

    OMG how utterly cute great looking bunch right there! I don't think rain was on the horizon maybe cloudy? Have a great day tiki touring around....It's me Blondie

  2. ohhh love the comparison pics…you got some cute men in your family :-)

  3. Love the pics, going to be an interesting picture again in 4 years - you might need a bigger sofa haha.

  4. I'm happy to hear you got your beloved dogs back, nothing worse than a pet going missing.


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