Saturday, December 03, 2016


*sigh*.... I didn't get to it last night, felt a bit ikkk... so did nothing about the 'main' Christmas tree.

ABOVE:  The tree that's waiting...

 ABOVE:  waiting,  to have all these put on it.  But first, I have to get the lights on.  Why do I loathe putting decorations on trees... well the bigger trees?

It is gunna have to wait until after lunch.  We have the grocery shopping to do this morning.
I've put THAT particular job off for a few weeks too!

ABOVE:  Lacy having dinner last night... she's clearly doing well physically now.  She's a good weight now... so good to see.

ABOVE:  Our girls after their grooms.  They are so much happier now. 


So, we went into town.  We had a small 'look and price' list.

We looked and looked, and then we found and bought one thing on the list, then another, then another.

So, a successful shopping trip.  Stew and Griffin have gone back into Hamilton now to pick up a couple of our purchases.

Some things we bought were not even on the list... were not even necessary.  But, oh well... fell in love with them.

Now I have several painting jobs.  And that bloody tree still needs decorating too.

Keera is having a nap.  Brylee is vacuming (much to her disgust) and I'm about to hang out yet more washing.  

ABOVE:  First purchase?  Dunno... but we got the smaller fish bowl to go with the big fish bowl.  Had to do it!  Can see lollies in it, so people can add their own lollies to their dessert from the big bowl.  OR....or, you could have a seafood salad on a bed of lettuce in the big fish, and shrimps in the little one!

I will show you what else we bought later... once the guys get them home.


Yeah, nah.  I'm going to sign off for the day, and show stuff tomorrow. We just had a wonderful BBQ under our new umbrella.  So lovely outside in the early evening, having a dinner cooked by the man, sipping my first Bacardi and Coke for the year!


  1. Anonymous12:53 PM

    who ate all the pies.... who ate all the pies..... I DID HEHEHE, and I'm not sharing :p #2

  2. Way to keep us guessing!!

  3. More like way to see if ANYONE is reading this drivel! I was not sure, it's been so quiet today. *sniff*

  4. I read several times a day Chris but don't often post

    1. Well thank you for doing so today! *smiles*

  5. Anonymous10:21 PM

    now that is you the smaller fish is so cute! Hope you got your tree sorted I aren't doing xmas tree this year.. Glad you got to get outside and not melt and enjoy your Bacardi and coke. It's me Blondie


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