Thursday, December 01, 2016


Well... I'm not sure about going to Aqua today.
I'm so tired today.

And I'm aching from the other day still!

But, if Brylee is really keen, we will go I suppose.  I can pace myself and just see how I go?

After aqua we will come home and get some housework done.
Brylee should do some more study for her final exam tomorrow too.

I'm going to try and find our Christmas trees and decorations in the next couple of days too.

It's time to get them up!  It's DECEMBER!

I bet I'm one of the last people to get her Christmas Decorations up eh?

MY gosh, this year has been so busy, it's just flown by.

I hope next year is QUIET.  Uneventful and calm.  That would be bloody fantastic.

ABOVE:  Some cute photos of Dante and Archer that Bex sent me yesterday.  We should be seeing them in a couple of weeks for Dante's 4th Birthday.

Right.  Time to go and get Griffin and Keera off to school/kindy... and get ready for Aqua I suppose.


PEPSI UPDATE HERE: SHIT A BRICK ... 'we' had some tests done at the Doctor's a couple of weeks ago... and I'm SO RELIEVED to say everything came back NEGATIVE.  So we have nothing to worry about in relation to that.

I'm so sorry I forgot to let you know, for those of you who read Pepsi.

12.45 pm:  And... we didn't go to Aqua today.
I was just too stressed out about the things I wanted to get done around here, and my arms are still killing me from Tuesday's efforts.

So, I found the Xmas trees, the decorations and so on and Brylee and I did a bit of decorating.

The big tree isn't up yet, but we have done a lovely 'front door' display, which can be seen from the road and driveway.  I'm thrilled with it.

Keera noticed when I brought her back from Kindy at lunchtime.  I am sure it will look even nicer in the evening.  

It's now lunchtime, and Brylee is kindly making me a toasted sandwich for lunch.  Then I'm going to relax for a while and watch Home and Away!

LEANNE: Yes I am happier than I've been in a very long time, but I still get stressed out easily.  Particularly at this time of year when there's all sorts of things going on, gifts to get/wrap, birthday party for Dante, end of School and Kindy activities, and just life in general!

I get in a flap far too easily.  It's just my nature.
I'm NOT calm and collected that often *smiles*.

And on that note, I'm off to relax after making a lovely dinner of bacon wrapped lamb rissoles, with home made potato wedges and vegetables.  Are ya drooling?   hee hee


  1. You? Uneventful and calm? Na, you know it won't be :)

    Hey I meant to say - I too have bark that is all over our driveway every morning and I don't have chooks. Here it's the bloody neighbourhood cats!!! The dig it up all over the show. Every morning I have to sweep up my driveway - not in the same spot of course, they choose different spots. I've put two rubber mats down by my front door so they can't dig there and that's worked. I've had suggestions for stopping them but the area is too big. So don't always think it's the chooks... it's probably birds and cats too. A never ending battle.

    1. Yeah, I saw a big black cat out there this morning, and he/she was in the garden, so maybe it's NOT the chooks? Better keep an eagle eye out to see just what is happening before I got shooting them chooks eh? lol

  2. I don't read Pepsi but glad everything/one is ok!!!!
    I haven't even started my Christmas decorations yet nor the baking!

  3. I hope you went to aqua!!!... I am trying to be more active, why is it sooooo hard??? LOL. Good news re: the doctor xxx

  4. So Happy the results are good !
    That is a big weight of your mind

  5. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Awesome about results yay can't wait to see the chirstmas stuff I sadly wont have any where I am this year.... never mind so nice to be after travelling etc I'm just relaxing I'm knackered my son did some of the driving THAT was great he is now on my insurance and BOY it's weird!! It's me Blondie

  6. Thank goodness. I had a dream you told me off for asking on your blog! I'm so glad all is clear. Hope everything is improving generally in that regard.

    Your house looks great, no idea what we will do about Christmas decorations because we are on the brink of needing to make it baby safe and not sure how Christmas decorations fit with that requirement! Christmas for us is at my sister's and at my sister in law's, so at least we don't need to worry too much re hosting.

    Hope it is fun, it looks fun. Good luck to Brylee for tomorrow - whatever happens after that I guess the pressure is off for a moment which will be good for her!


  7. Glad everything is okay and you say you feel stressed but reading your updates lately you sound happier than ever. Spending time with family and doing family stuff that will leave everlasting memories of the great mum you are Chris to all your family.

    1. Yes I'm drooling lol, better than our mince pies we had from the shop

  8. No Christmas stuff out at my house yet. Maybe this weekend.


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