Monday, December 26, 2016


Well... tis Boxing Day and I do believe everyone is going to town to do some shopping.

Mike and Joyce want to go to the Base and the Outlet stores.  Brylee and Griffin have vouchers and cash to spend.

And I want to return some bark collars we bought a few months ago, that simply don't work.

I've been meaning to for ages, lately the dogs have been barking more and more and it's doing my bloody head in.

So... hundreds of dollars WASTED ...  they can go back!

I'm going to start taking down Xmas decorations some time today too.  I know it's REALLY EARLY to be doing that, but I really want the house back to some semblance of normal soon.  I don't like things out of place for too long!  OCD... probably!  *smiles*

That way we can use the dining table again too.  And not for eating!  For playing cards on.  And Jenga.  Family games ... we are really enjoying playing games as a family.  Hee hee... I got 'Pie Face' too... we haven't played that one yet.

I must whip some yummy cream for it. lol

For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas Day!

ABOVE: Our three sons.  First time they have been together in years, so wonderful to see.


BOXING DAY SALES! And I got an excellent buy at Farmers... got a dream duvet cover for my bed! Totally love it... can't wait to show you.
I wont be making a full sized Dresden Plate quilt for my bed now... just a throw for the end. 

The kids, big and medium sized are happily shopping too.

It's utterly nuts here at The Base... so many people...BUT not as bad as Sylvia Park will be.

 ABOVE:  Hmmm... who does he look like now?

 ABOVE:  Been shopping, everyone is very happy with their purchases.

 ABOVE:  My new linen.  It's a bit wrinkled right now, but it's supposed to look like old fashioned pin tucking.  It's crisp and fresh looking for summer.

 ABOVE:  Young Archer FINALLY getting close to his Uncle Mike.  Up till now he's been wary of him.. but he's getting better.

 ABOVE:  Steve had to leave to go back to work tomorrow, so we took the moment to get some family photos.  Mike and Joyce will be gone by the time he comes back for New Year.

 ABOVE:  Getting a smile out of Mike is as hard as getting Dante to smile properly!  Grrrr.  Finally got a nice one of him though.

It's been another stinkin' hot day, humid as buggery.
But, it's now 8.15 pm and it's finally cooling down.  
The little kids will be in bed soon, then we can all just chill out and relax for the evening.


  1. Merry Christmas to you! (And not a day late I am in the Northern Hemispere). It looks so wrong to see al of you in summer attire on Christmas while we are stranded at home because of a pending ice storm and blizzrd. They are actually telling us to prepare for long lasting power outages! Christmas Joy! It's fun to see the boys together. Good looking crew!

  2. Apparently the queue to Sylvia park this am was back to highbrook, eek!!! So not going there today!!!

  3. We drove back from rotorua today and the cars were lined up both ways for sylvia park. It was ridiculous!! Crazy. Glad to just be at home in the quiet.

  4. Anonymous4:08 PM

    I got a couple of bargins for new linen and duvet cover at briscoes, summer linen change even got it washed and dried have yet to put on bed AS IT IS too darned hot to be changing bed linen! might do it at 10pm.... so glad IM not in AKLD! It's me blondie

  5. Hi Chris. Great to hear that you found a bargain that you loved.

    I saw this info today and thought of you and your cough ... might be worth a try!

  6. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Jesus Christ! Lol

  7. Anonymous12:50 AM


    Looks like you had a lovely Christmas !!! wishing you and your family all the best for the New Year !!




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