Wednesday, December 14, 2016


YESTERDAY: So, I get a Fitbit weekly update on my exercise for the past week.

Seems I've been incredibly LAZY!

LIKE NAH, I have not been!

So I try to sync my Fitbit. It doesn't work.

Hmmm... it's dead.

Thinking... thinking... why is it dead?

OH OK... memory kicks in. I took it swimming last week. Yeah, that killed it I reckon.

I checked it again just now... and the bloody thing is working again! Grrrrr.

It might be time to upgrade to a better one? Maybe next year. Right now, there's plenty of other things needing money spent on... like the new security doors that are coming soon!

Some dude called in the other night to re-measure and check things, and he said we MIGHT have the doors before Christmas!

Shit ... I was told end of January.

I better start saving some money! Worst time to be doing that btw. *frown*

Today? Still got to wrap more presents. My Aunt and Uncle suggested I get Xmas Bags and just use them, instead of having to wrap everything. What an excellent idea!

I will pop down to the Warehouse sometime today and check out how much they are.

So, that's me for now. I hope everyone is getting all their pre-Christmas shopping/wrapping etc done like me! I'm sure you will feel very relieved once it's done, I know I will!

Right, I'm going. Heaps to do.


1.45 pm:  And like a typical Chick, I changed my mind and started using all the wrapping paper I had!  No bags.
Didn't waste any money after all that.

I've got about 2/3rds of the wrapping done.
Brylee's been helping with the taping down, which makes it much easier I must say.

I'm feeling like utter crap!  Got a cold that's been doing the rounds.  And a sore throat to make it just that little bit nastier.


I had a look on Flybuys at Fitbits and Garmins.  Not sure I will get a new one right now... there's heaps of other things on Flybuys that I could spend out points on.
Like a few days in a motel up North over summer... it's an idea I will 'fly by' Stew when he gets home, ha ha pardon the pun.

I'm taking a break right now, my head is pounding and my face hurts.

Well I had a very quiet afternoon, feeling miserable.  Keera felt the same way I do believe.
She packed a sad just before dinner, so went to bed instead of eating.  Overtired. Full of a cold.
Ya, that means she will actually eat her breakfast tomorrow.

Time to sign off, early to bed for me.


  1. If you have a "dollar store" near you - they have nice Christmas Bags for less money than the big chain stores.

  2. Yes, exactly what I was going to say. Those dollar stores have cheap bags. I bet there must be a few around because there's masses all over Auckland!

    1. Well that stole my Thunder too - I was about to say exactly the same thing :-)

  3. I just recently did some more research (again) into fitness bands because hubby's gave up (again!). I'm still preferring the Garmin I have the Vivosmart HR and bought one for him, too. It has more features than I use but I like that it recharges rather than needing a battery replaced and that it is safe to leave on in the water. Harvey Norman had it on special this week I think, but I got his on Flybuys points from Noel Leeming. Just in case this helps :)

    1. FLYBUYS! Oh now there's an idea. We have heaps of point on Flybuys. Off to check it out right now! Thanks.

  4. You have done Xmas box's and Xmas bags before haha

  5. I had just been researching sinuses and the suggested : 2 cider vinegar , 12 oz. water and honey -4 glasses a day
    crush garlic clove and cover in honey and swallow-two times a day
    Green tea and honey
    use your Neti pot -that always works for me.
    Hope you feel better fast.

  6. I hope you feel better tomorrow, keep your fluids up and have a really early night :-)

  7. Anonymous9:44 PM

    I pin my fitbit to my hip pants now to get a truer reading I'm on about 16,000 steps a day on average sometimes more. Neti pot? Sinus cleanser? sounds ghastly lol. Hope you and Keera are feeling better soon me I am still sore throat and a bit nasally.It's me Blondie

  8. What does "packed a sad" mean? (Such an American question!) I have used a Neti pot--gross but effective to clear out your nose.


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