Monday, December 05, 2016


I think the tree I've come up with this year is the best one I've done!

I got my inspiration from this guy:

ABOVE:  He was in a tree at the Christmas Heirloom Shop at The Base, and I just had to get him!

Our tree:

ABOVE:  Everyone likes the tree, just as well as it took Brylee and me a good couple of hours to get it done!

I must show you what Stew did for me yesterday afternoon too:

ABOVE:  He hung this new drop down clothesline in the garage. Now I have a really good clothesline to use over the long, wet Waikato winters.

Lastly for now:

ABOVE:  I. JUST. HAD. TO. DO. IT.... Now their beds look festive too!  
And I better take the cardboard off the bottom of the legs too... looks a bit naff leaving it on eh?  lol

Today?   Griffin to school, Keera to kindy, then Brylee and I will go swimming.

After that, home to paint the bathroom unit.

With, (hopefully), a tiny bit of the darker wood showing through on edges.  Kinda old distressed look, but not FULL ON distressed like things I've done before.

I have no intention of denting it, or giving it an 'old weathered' look.  It's too new to do that to it!


Swimming (Aqua aerobics) was lovely again today.  35 of us in the group today, and the water and weather were stunning!  I did two laps of the pool after the class, breast stroke and freestyle.  Gets the heart pumping that's for sure.  

Now?  Jobs.  Got to grab some essential groceries.  Rubbing alcohol so we can put up some Command Strips.  Then home to spray the undercoat on that bathroom unit.

So.  Busy.

Well I didn't do the undercoat... because while we were in town I checked out something one of the ladies at Aqua Fit told me about.
And I ended up going to an appointment instead.

It meant picking Keera up early from Kindy, and Brylee babysat her while I was out.

Now I'm home from that appointment, and will show you what it was ... tomorrow!  lol
I love keeping you in suspense.

It's 5.25 pm, and it's time to get dinner on.  We are having venison sausages, coleslaw, braised asparagus and wedges tonight.   Oh and garlic bread!

It was YUM.  Time to wind down, and try to keep cool.  It's stinking hot inside this room tonight... the sun beams in here ALL DAY.  Stifling.  Thank goodness we have air con.


  1. Your tree looks awesome Chris! I also love the clothes airer rail in your garage - a great idea ☺

  2. I'd love one of those clothes racks but sadly, no room. I love the tree and I bet your grandkids will love that little white man on the tree!

  3. Your tree looks so pretty! Love the touch of blue at the base

    1. LOL... ya just gotta know by now that there has to be some BLUE somewhere eh?

    2. Wouldn't be you if there wasn't!

  4. Love the tree and I love the doggy bed decorations :-)

  5. Anonymous7:39 PM

    You have really bad taste in housewares.Everything is really tacky.So much junk!

    1. Anonymous10:04 PM

      and you have bad grammar and your face is weird looking and your cloths are old and you look like you just came out of under a bridge and you smell bad and your just km that note, no one cares what you think coz it's 2017 and we are all nice people and yea just yea, have a nice night..... :)

  6. J Cleary11:20 PM

    It would be great if you could share some pics of the inside of your home. I'm sure no one could tell it's the underside of a bridge.

  7. I love that Santa is down low so the kids can see him properly!

    You are an inspirational mother/grandmother. Penny xo

  8. I love the new addition to the tree, glad you got that job out of the way nice, The dog beds are cute as you could sew them some Santa Sacks lol


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