Monday, December 12, 2016



Seriously, Keera is adorable, well behaved and a joy to have here... BUT... OMG she never, ever stops asking questions!!!

And while it's good to have a questioning mind, hers is way over the par.

It doesn't matter what is going on, what you are doing, even if it's OBVIOUS, she will ask questions.

Over and over again.  And if you answer one question, there is another one within seconds.

We are now trying to ignore ALL questions that simply do not require an answer!  

Oh and yeah, when she's not asking questions, she is simply TALKING, TALKING... TALKING.

Some very interesting stuff comes out of her gob.  Mostly though, she's just so happy to be here, she tells us that all the time.

At the end of the week she will be home for the Christmas holidays.  OMG... she will be yakking in my ear all day long... for weeks!  I think Brylee and Griffin will have to take her for big, long walks... often!  lol

Today I'm going to wrap presents, and hopefully get them all done.
Then Stew can drop off presents to all the Hamilton kids/grandkids.

Right, I better get moving... catch ya later.


Brylee and I went to Aqua Fit this morning.  The pool was a wee bit cooler than other days, and the sun wasn't shining much.  So it was a bit cold... and then it rained a bit too and brrrrr!

But the worst thing about Aqua today was CRAMPS.  Since I started going to Aqua I've been plagued with cramps in my legs/feet.  Today was the worst it's been!  I had to keep stopping the exercise due to cramps.

And I've been getting heaps of cramps during the day and night at home too.   So, I'm off to buy some stuff to try and alleviate them.... cos they friggin hurt.

2.15 pm:  Brylee and I went grocery shopping.
That's taken almost 3 hours out of a perfectly lovely day.

I talked to my Mum, she gets cramps too. She takes tonic water, so I got some of that.  I also got some magnesium tablets by Healtheries.

Geez Tonic Water is really STRONG flavoured!  So I suppose it's the Quinine?

I think I should just stick with these two anit-cramp options and see if they work?

Someone at Aqua suggested Salt too. I will try salt at a later date, if all else fails. I try not to take much salt due to my fluid retention issues.

Well it's been a long afternoon... I'm knackered after Aqua and grocery shopping.

Time to sign off and have a quiet evening.


  1. Haha I feel your pain Dante is the same and if he's not talking to us or asking silly questions he's making silly noises.

  2. Yip miss 5 is the same I'm worn out by the end of the weekend when she goes home a 3 hr trip to Christchurch can be torture unless she goes to sleep lol funny thing is the teacher said she is very quiet

  3. Ahhh - must drive you mad but it's lovely that she's so happy!

  4. My oldest son is still like that at 22! LOL. When he was little I used to wish ge had an off switch!

  5. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Chris I take magnesium tablets at night and I have a wonderful magnesium cream that I rub on it is fantastic for cramps sore muscles leg pains etc..... It's me Blondie.... I love kids chatter I had his nibs asking me from the time he woke up till he went to sleep, I answered as much as I could!!!

    1. Big difference here. You raised one child, so the chatter stage ended for you after a few years. I've been raising kids for almost 38 years NON STOP. I'm totally OVER chatter/questions/constant noise!

    2. Anonymous8:03 PM

      true true yes I hadn't factored that in oops!! lol Tis me Blondie

  6. I too was going to suggest magnesium tablets

  7. Anonymous1:58 PM


    Maybe some earplugs ? lol...maybe Keera's talking has become a habit and needs redirecting ? it looks like she loves playing and has a great imagination with all her tents and cubby houses she makes...maybe find some little friends in the area to have over ? so she can talk to them lol..


  8. I couldn't take magnesium because it gave me ringing in the ears. I use Hydralite when I'm dehydrated as that was when I was getting deep thighs cramps.

  9. I was going to say salt. My dad was a bricklayer and sweated so much working in the hot Aussie sun, that his cramps were agonising. He ended up on salt tablets and it really helped. Christy x

  10. Be careful with the tonic water - it's high in sugar, just like soft drink. You can get diet tonic water. I take magnesium when I get cramps and it seems to work :)

  11. Anonymous6:01 PM


    You probably need to check with the Dr what to take, with your diabetes you need to be careful..I was thinking about joining the aqua aerobics over here in Oz soon...I used to go many years ago and it was fun...


  12. Maria6:33 PM

    I do Aqua four days a week and we are always told to not point out toes in the water. Always have your foot at right angles as much as you can, especially when 'cycling' in the water. Doing this I have very few cramps at all, maybe once a month and in my toes, so I stand on that foot to stretch them out. Do you stretch at the end of your sessions? If not you need too, so ask the instructor to show you how to do some leg stretches. Prevention is better than taking pills.

  13. Keera is very, very smart. Maybe the questions are her way of connecting with you or maybe she wants to know more about her world. Either way, yay! Just... not when you need a minute. :)

  14. Questions & constant chatter....= anxiety. insecurity. Speaking from expirience. Just keep reassuring her.....
    Cramps... My dad used to say... I am not eating enough cheese...

  15. I'm sure you will think I'm a mad Brit but I sleep with a bar of soap in my bed. Previously I got night cramps often, since the soap I've had 1 night cramp in the last 2 years. It works for me!


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