Thursday, December 08, 2016


Bit of this 'n' that:

 ABOVE:  Our gardens have been looking PERFECT for about a week now.  No bark raked off at all.... so we conclude that it's not being done by cats or random small birds.

It's been done by them chickens!  So, if we have a bloody mess again from them, and I can catch them at it and get 'evidence', I will be sending Stew over there to talk to them.

 ABOVE:  I'm totally getting into the Christmas mood.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Yesterday:  Cows over the neighbour's back fence, which I can see from my patio, meandering friggin chickens, and a hedgehog!

He was on the driveway and we kinda made him roll into a ball.  Poor little bugger, he was shit scared of us I'm sure.

I heard from Griffin last night, all is going well on his camp.  Today is very action packed for him... so I shall keep my fingers crossed everything goes well.  I always worry far too much when kids are on these sorts of trips.

Plans for today?  Meh... don't know.  There's plenty of housework to do, but that's so bloody BORING.  I'm sure I can find something semi-interesting to do... eventually.  *smiles*


My morning has gone a bit like this:

- Keera to kindy
- Order art shit online
- Look at 'housework'
- Lie on couch and go to sleep for an hour or so
- Wake up, panic thinking I've slept too long and Keera is at Kindy waiting for me!

DERRR... it's only 11 am.

Panic over.

Do some bloody housework.  Get Brylee to do some too.

Have 15,000 hot flushes and wish I was in Antarctica!  *** since going off a certain medication, I don't sleep much at night anymore, hence so tired during day now***


How's your's going?

3.15 pm:  And I've been a bit busier this afternoon.
After picking up Keera, we went down to our local Mitre 10 for some rubbing alcohol, so I could put some command hooks on walls etc.
Found something else for summer:

ABOVE:  It's a table top burner, you add a thick citronella gel and light it... then hopefully no mosquitoes?
I hope it works, cos the mozzies are starting to show up now.

Best thing... another thing that was the last in the shop, and I got $35 off the price.  I've been a bit lucky with prices of things lately!

Griffin rang, he's having a blast.  Snowplanet this afternoon, I hope he doesn't get too cold.

Heard from Griffin... Snowplanet WAS cold, but he's fine.  

Quiet evening... ate too much dinner and now feel ill.  I will never learn!


  1. My morning, get home from work at 9am check computer, now 10.40 and still sitting at computer. Housework still hasnt happened

  2. Went to mum's. (92). Help,sort out some things. Monthly Blood Test , Library, Coffee,
    Coles, liquorland. Home now looking at mess...humid 94% hate it. Have to sort out some room for 37 yr old son who is moving home until February. Grrrr. Can't see much house work getting done.

  3. Your a lucky shopper well done isn't it great when something good happens, my day stared with our granddaughter coming into our bed first day of school holidays, cleaning then heading to the optimist new glasses coming my way back home making lunch then having a nap. Lamb roast cooked on the BBQ more cleaning tiding up take granddaughter to swimming back home to have tea; stop and relax.

  4. Anonymous9:32 PM

    My day slept in late for work by 10 mins other worker rang in sick instead of cleaning one LARGE area of 9 buildings became 2 LARGE areas 15 buildings I AM KNACKERED!!! It's me Blondie loving the xmas stuff I love hedgehogs you know a hedgehog can certainly make a mess rooting around bark looking for bugs!

  5. We have a similar tabletop burner thing, but have always just burned metho for the effect... what is the citronella gel that you use, I'd love to get some of that. 😊


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