Wednesday, December 28, 2016


So relieved.  Dante's finally go this appetite back, after being quite ill and losing A LOT of weight for a small kid.

He ate heaps yesterday, so all going well he will continue to do so today.

Today's plans?  I'm going to get this house vacumed, do a general tidy up then relax.

Last night I gave the Alcohol Inks a go!
Some photos of my first two attempts:

 ABOVE:  All set, ready to go!

 ABOVE: The first drop EVER.

ABOVE:  My very first attempt.  Ink on ceramic tile.  I shall seal it, then it can be either a wall hanging/tile/heat pad for the bench.

ABOVE:  My second attempt... it's not finished yet.  I'm not sure I like it, so might even wipe it all off and start again.

ABOVE:  My third attempt, using a different technique again.  I love it, and am going to try and add a 'word' on top of it today. (try to ignore the camera flash, bottom left)  

I'm just trying several techniques I've seen on YouTube Tutorials.  It's fun, but you have to work fairly fast as the ink dries quickly.

Here's a couple of photos of our Mike, taken yesterday.  He didn't really like our Tallulah, he didn't like the look in her eyes.  *smiles*

But, she LOVED HIM!  

ABOVE:  She didn't growl at him, not ONCE!  Strange dog, normally she growls at anyone she doesn't know.

Right, I'm off to get that housework done.


Our day's plans have changed a bit.  I won't be going to the WW's Pink Lunch.

 ABOVE:  Poor Miss Muppet has been awake and vomitting since 5 am.  At 8.45 she was still vomitting, just green bile, so I took her to the Doctors.

ABOVE: I'm firmly in the 'do something fast' camp when it comes to sick kids over summer.  I know little kids can get dehydrated very fast when they are sick like this, so she's on a medication to stop the vomiting, and the Pedialyte.

Fingers crossed that helps and she perks up quickly.

Poor Stew had to attend to her since 5 am... I can't handle kids vomiting!  I end up vomiting too.

Bex and the boys have gone out visiting a friend this morning, so it very quiet in the house.  

ABOVE:  No# 4 tile.  Not sure I like it, but it's part of the learning process.

POOR STEW.  I've gone nuts and asked to move shit again.
The biggest shift of stuff so far since we moved in.

No photos for now.  I want to see what Steve thinks of it when he comes back on Friday.

Thankfully, when Dante came home from visiting his Mum's friend, Keera perked up and started playing with him.
And so far, no more vomiting.

She's only had liquids today, which is just fine.

Stew is cooking dinner, it smells lovely.  I am sure it will taste even better, it always does when you don't have to cook it.

Well dinner was just lovely as expected.  Pork and apple rissoles, mashed potatoe with cream cheese stirred in, peas, mixed veges, par boiled cabbage and gravy.  Yummo.

All the small kids are in bed and asleep.  Time to take the ear plugs out (just joking)... and enjoy a couple of hours in peace.


  1. Love the ink work Chris. Wonder how it would work on fabric like Calico? Beautiful photos over Christmas. So awesome to see boys all together. Mike has gorgeous hair. Too nice to be in a beanie!

  2. poor Keera looks miserable. Good on you for acting fast. I am waiting until 9am (7 mins to go!) to ring our doctor for Corbin. He's got a chest infection (green snot) and it's making his asthma flare up, so breathing is not easy for the poor thing. Oh and a hacking cough too. Yayyyy, holidays!! wwaaaaah

  3. Poor wee Keera, hope she perks up soon. I like the tiles you have done with the inks, you are so creative :-)

  4. Anonymous2:49 PM

    I love the purple ink and the blue one with white lines through it very nice, poor kiddies nothing worse when you are crook. It is stinking hot here! Swim in the lake me thinks .. It's me Blondie...

  5. Your ink work looks awesome Chris - I love it! Sorry to hear Keera isn't feeling great - I hope she's 100% better soon.

  6. I hope Keera can get rid of this yucky illness as soon as possible!

  7. Glad Keera is feeling better. Loving you ink works.

  8. Anonymous8:47 PM

    love you miss Muppet, get better or I'm coming out x

  9. Belated Merry Christmas. Looks like you had loads of fun. Hope the kiddies are feeling better.


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