Saturday, December 10, 2016


Well today I'm going to start with a lot of photos.
First up, more garden photos:

 ABOVE: in my meanderings yesterday I found fresh mint in the garden... well it's not really in a garden, it's just growing in a corner by that plant.  It's a really lovely, healthy looking mint plant too.

 ABOVE: we have tiny grapes growing on one of our new grape plants.  As the plant is little more than a twig, I don't know how well they will do.

 ABOVE:  I'm thrilled to bits with how well our new garden is doing!  Everything is growing well.

ABOVE:  This funky little tree has doubled it's foliage in just a couple of months!  And it's still gorgeous and cute.  A very architectural tree.

ABOVE:  We knew we were taking a big risk moving the lemon tree at this time of year... but it's paid off!  We didn't kill it.  It's heading towards having a bumper crop of lemons next season.

So, that covers the gardens.

Now ART.

One of my little pottery houses got it's roof smashed in the move. 

 ABOVE:  So... I've decided to make it a new roof using some sort of natural wood/twigs.  Just have to find the right material.  But... it will happen.  Can't leave it like that forever!

 ABOVE:  We got these cute concrete fish when we went down to Palmerston North.  I already had some that we got when we lived down there.
I would like to make my own.  I've been thinking about it for ages.  I just have to work on making a mould and sourcing the metal poles, then I will be ready to give it a go.

The other project I'm dying to give a go?  Painting with Alcohol Inks.
And ya can't buy friggin Alcohol Ink here in New Zealand!

So I went online and have found some in Australia, and they are happy to ship it here to me. 

Its been hard even finding a company that would ship INK to New Zealand!  Weird.  We can buy ordinary ink here, so I can't see what the problem is?

 ABOVE:  A sample of the ink I'm getting.  Can't wait for it to arrive!
I've got some plain white ceramic tiles waiting... so I can have a go.  EXCITING!

NOW... today?

All sorts of housework first and foremost.  Dusting.  OMG I've done NONE since we moved here!  You have no idea how liberating that's been after dusting every bloody day for a year when we were selling our home in Auckland!

Today EVERYONE is going to be armed with a dust cloth and polish, and will be tasked with furniture to polish.  It won't take long if everyone pitches in.

Keera can help too... she can talk our heads off and distract us from the job!

After that, and getting the washing done... we will probably pop into Hamilton.

We want to pick up Lacy and bring her back here.  She's babysitting Keera tonight.  We don't want to leave Keera with Brylee and Griffin yet, even though they are old enough to babysit... it's a good opportunity for Lacy to spend time with Keera.

Yep.  We are going out, without kids.  A good friend from way back when we lived here 15 years ago has invited us to a BBQ at their home.

I better think about making a plate to take to the BBQ too.  Maybe some fruit/pickles/cheese on bamboo sticks?  Sounds like an idea.


Well it's now 11.45 am and we have finally got all the dusting and polishing done, and 3 loads of washing too.

Thank goodness we don't have to do it again for a month!  It was like pulling teeth getting it done.

Time to put our feet up for a minute and relax before sorting out lunch...

ABOVE:  The joys of having a 4 year old living here now.  We get to 'ENJOY' watching kid's programmes.  *sigh*

11.47 pm:  And it's been a lovely day!
We had a delicious lunch at the Hamilton Gardens Cafe, followed by a quick grocery grab.

Home, made some fruit and savoury kebobs... fruit/ginger/cheese/ham etc on long bamboo sticks.

We picked up Lacy on our way home.

Dinner time saw Stew and I heading off to our friend's home for a BBQ party.
Which was WONDERFUL.  So nice to mix and mingle with a lovely bunch of people and just enjoy being out.

 ABOVE:  Tammy and Darby have an acre out in the country, and it's a lovely home and yard.

Darby does lots of blacksmith work, and makes things like that huge brazier!
I totally want to make my own brazier now!

And Tammy is a potter, with her own studio.  I am going to spend some time out there potting myself next year.  I would like to make more little pottery houses. 

Gawd the things I want to do next year!

Pottery.  Make a brazier. Make concrete garden fish. Try painting with alcohol inks. Continue with my patchwork... the list just grows and grows.

ABOVE:  Tammy and Darby by the fire.  That fire put out an amazing amount of heat!  Far too much sometimes.

Right, that's it for the day.  It's time to head off to bed.


  1. Chris your garden is beautiful. Can I steal you for a week in Melbourne to fix ours up??
    You have a real talent for plants and design xo

    1. Thanks! You just have to be on the look out for old/rusty/funky stuff and know what style you like. I'm sure you could do it! I like rustic/nautical/natural. I would DIE to have a stream running through the property, but oh well... ya can't get everything eh? Have a lovely day.

  2. That lemon tree is looking fantastic

  3. I can tell you EXACTLY what happens in that episode of Ben and Holly! LOL!

  4. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Gee the plants all look so healthy the mint if you're not careful it will take over everything that's why people plant them in buckets to stop the roots spreading mint is like strawberry plants they spread and spread! It's me Blondie

  5. Your garden looks lovely! Ditto what Blondie says about the mint, it took over the garden in our last house, we couldn't kill it! Painting with Alcohol inks? I'd have thought it was something to colour my vodka.... but that's just me! lol


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