Thursday, December 15, 2016


Virtually every time I've had to take a plate to an end of year, Christmas function, I've taken a dish of fruit kabobs.

They have gone down VERY WELL too!

And today... I have to do two more plates of them.

One is for Keera's Kindergarten Christmas Party, so no bamboo scewers, just a plate full of fruit/dried fruit and marshallows.

The other one is for our end of year Christmas Morning Tea, for the Aqua Fit class participants and coaches.

I still feel like SHIT, but want to go to the Aqua Fit party, cos I am starting to make friends, and don't want to miss seeing them again.

I'm DETERMINED to make friends here in Cambridge!

Once I get home from the party, I will finally finish off the Christmas present wrapping.  I've not got much to go.

The Monkey Bar Gym was supposed to arrive today, but there's been a hitch with their trailer, so we might be taking a trip over to Tauranga on Saturday to pick it up ourselves.  Not sure yet.  Slightly annoyed by that though, as we didn't really want to be travelling on Saturday, as we are going up to Auckland on Sunday for Dante's 4th Birthday party.

Oh well... fingers crossed they can fix their trailer.

So, that's me day planned till at least mid afternoon.  Catch ya later.


How can you feel SO SICK with just a bloody cold?

First thing that happened when my feet hit the floor this morning?  I threw up.  Phlegm. Friggin wonderful.

I really don't know if I will be going to the Xmas function for Aqua Fit now... I just feel rotten.

Keera is lucky to be at Kindy too... she's got a rotten cold too... though she actually perked up after her breakfast.  I will be picking her up early though, she really should be in bed.  But SANTA is visiting Kindy today... so she really, really wanted to go.  Fair enough.

12.29 pm:  So I turn at the Bowling Club for the christmas function.  No one is there.  Maybe I got the wrong bowling club?
So I go to the other two in Cambridge... no one there either.

So... hmmmm... I ring one of the Aqua Fit ladies and she let's me know it's on TOMORROW.

Derrrr.  I dragged myself out for nothing.
But not quite, as Chris (friend from Aqua Fit) invites me to her home for morning tea.  Excellent!

Off I go.  Had a lovely chat and fresh baking, then on my way home I pick up Keera from Kindy.

Home now and seriously contemplating taking myself and Keera off to bed.

Still feel like crap... utter crap. 

4.25 pm:   well Keera and I had a nap, and we both feel a bit better I think.

Well, unexpectedly spent the evening moving Lacy out of her flat in Hamilton and into her sister Amanda's home.
It was ... interesting to say the least.  Lots of drama, cops involved and so on, but at the end of the day it's done.

Moving on.  Still feeling sick as a dog.  Early to bed for me.


  1. Hope you feel better soon. Have a great morning tea. Fingers crossed you don't have to go and pick up the gym.

  2. Feel better soon!

  3. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Hope you and Keera are feeling better today. Marianne in Orlando, Florida

  4. Oh I hope your better by Sunday Dante keeps asking when grandma and grandad are coming. Dantes in bed has still not 100% archers jumping round his cot but I'm not giving in he needs a sleep coz dantes has the Christmas party tonight.

  5. Definitely go to bed and rest, Keera too, that is the best thing for both of you.

  6. hope u feeling better soon Chris and Keera and no one else gets it check this website think this is the inks you wanted

  7. I turned up 2 days early for my work morning tea, at least you were only 1 day early

  8. The Christmas season is so jam packed with get togethers - would be nice if we could spread them out all year both for our sanity and our waistlines!

  9. Hope you feel better soon only a few more sleeps until xmas hopefully you get some rest soon... You deserve it after the year you have had....

  10. and for those wondering It's me Blondie my google randomly lets me log in every now and then STOOPID thing!


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