Friday, December 02, 2016


Yesterday Brylee and I went out to the local shops, on the hunt for a round Christmas Wreath for the front door.

No luck here in Cambridge.

Sooooo.... this morning I am taking both dogs into Animates in Te Rapa, Hamilton for a groom.
While they are there, I will pop into the Christmas Heirloom Shop in The Base and see what they have.

All going well... I will find one that's lovely.

Then I will pop home to pick up Keera from Kindy, then go back to Hamilton to pick up the dogs.

I'm asking them to clip them VERY SHORT, so they are more comfortable over summer.  Right now, they both look like sheep!

While there, I will be picking Lacy up so she can spend some time with us and Keera.

Last night, Griffin got home from his school Drama performance... looking like this:

 ABOVE:  I'm picking he was a wise old man or a shepard?  lol  Sadly, we missed seeing his performance due to timing muck ups.

After dinner, I got Stew to put up our one and only string of outside Christmas lights.  I hope to get more some time... but probably not this year.

ABOVE:  Not exactly spectacular at all, but it's something!

ABOVE:  I AM happy with my 'picture' window display.  

ABOVE:  My neighbour's lights, so pretty.  They flash and change colours.  That's what I'd like one day.


Yeah.... my outside string of lights sucks.  The photo shows how INSIGNIFICANT they are.  Bummer.

Well... I had a good morning!  

Got some housework done, then took the dogs to the groomers. Then I went to the Christmas Heirloom Shop at The Base and found a front door Christmas Wreath and some new lights for the big tree.

I've picked up Lacy and she is going to put up the big tree while I go back into Hamilton later to pick up the dogs.  Oh and of course, she will look after Keera so I don't have to take her in with me too.

Now.  The new door wreath.  I was so tempted to go with a blue and white one... but I resisted and got this:

ABOVE:  I went for it because it was a bit different, and more a traditional colour way.
What do you think of it?  
I might add a few more 'bits' to it myself yet.

Well... Lacy got all the decoration unpacked, so I could put them on the tree tonight.   I found some blue stuff for the wreath:

 ABOVE:  Blue added... now it looks more like MINE.

 ABOVE:  I have a little tree for the dining table.  It has little green and blue lights, but ya can't hardly see them in this photo.

ABOVE:  And finally (for now) a cute wee dancing tree.  He sings "Rockin' around the Christmas Tree" and dances and sways.  He's for the kids to enjoy.

Ikkkk... ate too much tonight.  First time in weeks I've done that and regretted it.
Live and learn.

Another day tomorrow.


  1. Is the Christmas shop still in Tirau? That is where we got our wreath from a few years ago.

    1. I don't know? Can you remember what it was named?

    2. Good Grief it was so ling ago :-). It was just on the main roa, we tend to wander up one side & then down the other looking at all the shops. I like the one you got today anyway - very funky :-)

  2. Your window looks lovely.

  3. That's a very trendy door wreath!! I love it, leave it alone, it's fine as it is :) I bet you won't leave it alone though! Even I have decorated this year and have a door wreath too. I'm actually feeling festive for a change. I'm like you and get stressed out at all there is to do at this time of year but I'm totally organised this time. Thank Goodness.

    1. OK, I was wrong - I love the blue you added!!!

  4. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Omg that wreath is on acid lol.....and that front door is not made out of Wood lol x #2

  5. Like the wreath Chris. When I get to it my Christmas colour this year is going to not be traditional green gold and red it's going to be pink and purple and silver. Although the Father Christmas and reindeer are red and gold. I have so many streamers and balloons left from my disco few moths ago I've decided to use them pink and purple bubbles and butterflies was the them. My wreath is made but nothing else done. Oh well I have cleaned the table for the tree. Busy all weekend I'd really like to get it done. Need a tall chap to put my lights up.

  6. Love your Christmas decorations, can imagine you going crazy when you get more lights I think you have a flare for decorating.

  7. love the wreath, but it's improved with your added blue, nice one!!


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