Friday, December 16, 2016


So today is the end of year Aqua Fit Christmas morning tea.
And I really don't know if I can go.

I don't think I should go and possibly pass on this shitty cold to anyone else.

So... might stay home and just lie on the couch!

Sounds good to me.

And that is all I have for now.  


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DANTE! He's 4 today.  Kinda forgot after the night I've had.

 Been awake since 4 am. 

Decision made.  Not going to Xmas Party.  Going into Hamilton instead.  Got to visit the police station.

11.45 am:   So I go to the Police Station, and AWKWARD!!!  The guy I'm there to talk to the Police about is sitting right there, in the reception area! We eye ball each other, and I walk up to the counter.

The lady behind the counter looks at me and I say 'Awkward!', she twigs right away and gets me ushered into a private room.

I have to wait for a constable... so,  cos I forgot to put any face on this morning... I calmly proceed to put on eye liner, mascara and lip gloss!

Wonder if they had cameras in there?  lol

Anyway, I talked to a lovely young constable about why I'm there, it's recorded, and I leave.

Hopefully no more will happen.

Quick visit to update me hubby on stuff, then to a chemist to get something to help with the cold/sneezing/face ache/headache from hell.


I've been up since 4 am this morning, and my two teenagers?

STILL IN BED! Lazy little fuckers.

I resist the urge to scream at them... and just tell them it's time to get up!

Seriously?  11.45 in the morning, half the day is gone already!!!

I've taken two pills, hoping like hell they kick in soon cos I am ready to scream, I feel that bad.  My friggin eyes HURT.  When I sneeze I almost blow my head off.  OMG what a cold!
And I'm bitching cos I bloody can, and I'm so in the mood to bitch.

So there.

Add insult to injury:  My Mum and I spent HUNDREDS of dollars on clothes for Keera 2 months ago.

ABOVE:  And look what turns up yesterday!  Pissed off ?  MUCH.

So. sick. of. being. dicked. around.

And WOW, there's some crazy people in this world!  Being harassed by a nut job isn't funny.  Seems if he can't get to the person he wants to hurt, he will have a go at us!  Nice. Hopefully nothing comes of threats, cos I don't think Stewy will take it too well!  PEPSI about to be updated.

YES AB, IT IS!  Very happy to see it again too.

Yaaa. No more drama for the day. Off to bed, feeling infinitesimally better I'm happy to say!


  1. And more important happy birthdsy to dante 4 years old allready xx 🍰🍰🍰

  2. Sorry you still feel like shit. I recommend the day in bed, get Brylee to do any housework that really needs to be done and you concentrate on getting better.

    Happy 4th Birthday to Dante :-)

  3. Happy birthday Dante

  4. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Happy Birthday to Dante !!!! gorgeous little guy...yes I hope you start getting better, also good not to mix with people and pass on the cold so close to Christmas...just rest..


  5. Happy Birthday Dante, I'm sure you will get very spoilt.....

  6. Happy Birthday to Dante, rest up you will probably need to conserve energies for the next few days and upcoming week of xmas we have rotten colds/sneezes down our way too I have it for 2 days now feel like I have been steam rolled, but have to keep working and am dosed up with panadol strepsils cough syrup!

  7. Anonymous2:18 PM

    So sorry to hear you are unwell & again being dicked around :-( Hope the cold at least passes soon.

    Happy Birthday Dante. May his love cheer your heart. X

  8. Happy Birthday Dante!!!

    I hope your day improves Chris and that you are feeling much better soon.

  9. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Is that our coat we bought her I see?? AB

  10. Happy birthday Dante! Four already, where does it go!
    Hope you feel better - as Tracy says, today is definitely day for staying in bed, let everything non-essential go and get Brylee to do the essentials. Concentrate on yourself

    sorry to hear you're having problems, I'm reading between the lines but can only guess at what's going on. Hope it is soon sorted out.

    1. Anonymous10:53 PM

      let Brylee And Griffin do some house work

  11. Happy Birthday to Dante, hope he had a wonderful birthday. I've been reading since before he was born, that's gone quickly :)

    Sorry to hear you're having some troubles, hope it all gets sorted soon!

  12. Hoe you feel better soon. Do take care.


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