Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Hi!  What ya doing today?

I'm going to town.  Got a parcel to post... kinda last minute, but at least for ONCE my Mum won't be opening her Xmas present BEFORE Christmas!  lol

I also have to get some gift vouchers... and that's about all I hope?

I shall probably remember something else while I'm out... it usually happens.

And that's about all for now.

Sunset last night:

ABOVE:  It made our family room glow orange and red... quite lovely.


Ahhh the joys.  Still got the cold from hell... but now let's just add on the cough, cough, vomit to it as well.
Slept on the couch last night so Stew could get some sleep.  Wasn't as bad as I thought, it's quite comfy!  

Worst timing ever to feel yuk.  But moving on... I'm off soon to do that last minute shopping.

DONE!  Finally got all jobs done, except for groceries at the end of the week.

Bloody relieved.  

Everyone else ready for Christmas?  Or do you have masses still to do?  

Well... I've spent the midday 'time' feeling sick as a dog.  Vomiting and diarrhea.  I get the vomiting, I cough, I vomit.  But the other?  Grrrr.
Last thing ya need at this time of year.  Wish I could have something better to be yakking about!

My mind is wandering to AFTER Christmas, when I can finally give the alcohol inks a go!
I've been watching You Tube tutorials, they make it look so easy!  And fun.  Can't wait to give it a go.

But... must get Christmas over first.  

It's STINKING hot outside today... unbearable in fact.  I'm keeping Keera inside so she doesn't overheat and get sick on me again.

7 pm:  and it's finally starting to cool down a bit.  The girls are outside playing on the monkey bars... lovely to see them together.  I really hope they forge a lasting sisterhood while Keera lives here with us.

Time to wind down for the day... and fingers crossed I don't lose my dinner tonight!


  1. Almost done. Still have a few things yo big up. Food is sorted though!

  2. I haven't done much at all. Finish work on Friday. Have 4 people still to purchase for. Online food shopping ordered for delivery Christmas Eve so food prep will be done Christmas eve. We are taking the kids to Japan skiing / Disneyland / etc for 2 weeks in the New Year so that is pretty much their present this year. Getting stressed now... ek

  3. No, definitely not ready for Christmas ... will be the usual last minute rush in my household unfortunately. I finish up work for the year tomorrow at lunchtime, so will have to get my skates on then. I can see Countdown Online being very useful - and appreciated by me on Friday :)

  4. Just hubby to buy for Argh hardest, and food

  5. Poor thing, rest up and get yourself all better, you don't want to be too sick to actually enjoy Christmas day.

    1. Knowing my luck, and history with coughs, I will still be coughing my guts up on Christmas Day, New Year's Day.... till friggin Easter!

  6. I'm almost ready for Christmas...I am sick as a dog too... thank goodness for a nearly 11 year old who is nursing me back to health...she probably deserves a treat at the end of the week! Ugh... and in this hot weather too!

  7. OH what a marvellous pic of the sunset. I hope your Christmas is perfect. :)

  8. Anonymous8:55 PM

    That stunning sunset, the other lady in our house has what you have linctus inhalers antibiotics doctors $110 later but have to say after yesterday taking all her meds inhalers etc she is remarkably better today..... I hope you get better real quick! I am all done and ready bring on the holidays food pressies! It's me Blondie.

  9. Belated Happy 4th Birthday to Dante. What a beautiful sunset. Do hope you are better before the holidays. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family. All the best for 2017. Take care and enjoy your time with the family.


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