Saturday, September 27, 2014


Well... today is the day we get our new little girl ... TALLULAH.

We have to kill a few hours before we head out to Pukekohe to pick her up.

Once we have her, we are visiting Gayle and Peppa at Patamahoe too.

So, it's going to be a fun filled and exciting day!

We are all looking forward to getting our wee girl home... and introducing her to Teddy and Coco.

I've been thinking of how to do it.  I think we will let Coco meet her first, and keep Teddy away from her for an hour or so.

I will introduce her 'smell' to him first, then once he's used to that... I will bring him into the room and carefully let him sniff her.

Fingers crossed he doesn't snap.

If he acts true to form and decides he wants nothing to do with the puppy, that will be fine.  He can slowly get used to her.  He didn't like being around Coco's puppies and seemed frightened of them even.

I hope he's the same with Tallulah and keeps his distance.  

Then of course we have Dante.  Dante is fairly rough (in a loving way), towards Teddy and Coco, so hopefully he's not too exuberant for the puppy.  

Or maybe the puppy will jump all over Dante and maybe even chew his toes... and it will be us having to 'protect' Dante!  Ya never know.

So, that's our day for now... waiting to go get Tallulah!

I will take a gazillion photos and share when we get home.


I was going to take a photo of the empty puppy crate... and say something like... "Empty, waiting for puppy"...


ABOVE:  it's not exactly 'empty' right now.

*squeals*... we are off to get Tallulah!!!!

 ABOVE:  This is Sandra with Tallulah on the left and Bella (unsold) on the right.

ABOVE:  Buddy the daddy dog, Molly the Mummy dog in the background and two of the pups.

ABOVE: Leaving her birth home... and heading for her 'Forever Home' with us.

But before that... we stopped in to see Peppa and her forever family:

ABOVE:  Gayle's face when I took her photo and said it would be on me blog!  hee hee.
She's holding Tallulah and at her side... Peppa (left) and Molly (right).
They also have a boy dog :

ABOVE:  He's a gorgeous boy too... those freaky 'camera' eyes!

ABOVE: Shane holding Peppa, she is from our 2nd litter and is now 2 years old. 

ABOVE:  At Gayle,Shane and Jenna's home.

ABOVE: Peppa outside in her garden, she likes to look at the goldfish.
All of Gayle, Jenna and Shane's dogs didn't mind Tallulah at all!

After visiting with them, we had  lunch in Patamahoe, which is bigger than we expected, with quite a large subdivision of brand new homes being built.

ABOVE:  HOME.  What cracks me up about this photo is Patick in the background... photo bombing!

I was amazed at how well Coco and Teddy took to her!  Coco was like "OMG, play with me!" and was super excited... which was lovely.

Then we introduced Teddy to her, and to my amazement... Teddy sniffed her and didn't seem to mind her at all!

All that worry for nothing, so relieved.

I'm downloading a short video as I type, once it's finished I'll put it on here too.

End of Day:  well it's been an awesome day.  Tallulah is gorgeous, and right now happily asleep in her 'area'.  The crate?  She didn't like it, so we put up a puppy fence in a corner of the lounge for her, she's much happier now.  And she gets to sleep on the fluffy woolen rug, which she seems to like very much.
nite nite


  1. leanne7:05 AM

    sounds like a lovely day, do enjoy, its so great to see you so much happier :) you deserve to be

  2. Sounds like a fun day all round.

  3. Can't wait to hear about and see pics of Tallulah's homecoming.

  4. Don't worry the puppy will take care of the big dawg, as puppies have a way of doing!

  5. That is a cute pic of Dante !! :-) Looking forward to pics of your new pup :-)

  6. Have fun! Post pics when you get home! :)

  7. Anonymous11:53 AM

    That's a huge crate for a tiny little fur ball :) have a wonderful day. Can't wait for pictures.

  8. Awwwww how cute she is what a neat family she has fine to! She will love it there.

  9. Looks like Tallulah will fit right in. Your dogs are much more tolerant. Hagrid did not like it all when we got the rambunctious Collie puppy. Tallulah looks like a nice calm girl.

  10. Anonymous3:17 PM

    totally adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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