Saturday, September 13, 2014


Because we now have SKY in the garage, we need to move things around a bit down there so I can actually SEE the TV while I'm sewing.

So, I've asked Stew to help me get the garage re-arranged.  The only things I don't want to move are our bed and my sewing area.

It might take a while.

Steve is at work all day today, and I have no idea what Bex is up to.  Probably just having a quiet day here at home.

Yesterday I said I might start a bright scrappy quilt.. scrap that.

I want to try doing a 'Mariner's Star'.  Not a big quilt, just a small one... maybe for on the top of a bed, or knee rug.  Not sure.
I've been looking at pictures on Pinterest and Google images and have found a couple that I really like.

There's heaps and heaps of them, but so many are hugely complicated and involve many colours.  I would like to make one that is not too colourful, and more 'true' to the nautical colours.

ABOVE:  something like these?  To make them you have to use a technique using Freezer Paper?  And I watched a couple of ladies yesterday doing it and was intrigued.  So want to try it.

Sometime this weekend we have to do the grocery shopping, and as you know I loathe it. So, I'll probably bitch about it at some point (besides now lol).


After moving everything around in the garage, we ended up putting most of it back in the same place!  At least I can now see the TV from the sewing area though.

Bex and Steve have moved their lounge suite out of Souther Traders (where Steve used to work) and put it in a friend's garage for the next year or so.

They are staying here now until baby No # 2 is here, then they will reassess where they go then.

I'm feeling quite shitty, I think I have a bit of a cold, with a dry, tickly cough with is very irritating and I just feel under the weather all over.

But, have to just carry on like everyone does.
I think Stew and I will get the grocery shopping done this afternoon, so tomorrow is a true day of rest.

CRANKY:  Maybe next year, when I've learnt how to make one myself!  *smiles*

Freakin' ya.... grocery shopping is done for another fortnight... and we got some grog for me.  Tipple no less.  Yum.

End of Day:  and I didn't have any tipple!
I did a little sewing project.  I wanted to try something different, which I'm not sure anyone but me and Bex actually like!
I'll show you tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. I did one where you used a glue stick to baste the edges of one part under the other, then used tiny blanket stitch with invisible thread. I'll have to go hunting for what that techniques was called. I made a star themed quilt for my oldest boy that way several years ago, was fun :)

  2. Chris I think I need to pay you to make me one of those Mariner's Star quilts! Interested?

  3. I like that top Mariner Star..

  4. Ooohhh I like those stars, the yellow one is eye catching but the blue one is more intricate. Moving furniture your niche! Lol

  5. Really like the blue one on the white background. Yup...know about moving stuff around...walked into the bigger of the two spare bedrooms, this morning, to start cleaning it up so we can turn it into a guest room. Stood there , peered into one carton, sighed and went and found something else to

  6. I hear ya, I hate grocery shopping with a passion! Those stars are both gorgeous and look like hard work but everything you make looks amazing so I am sure you will do an even better job than these!

  7. We need pictures of all the stuff getting moved about! And some pics of felting... if you have done any? Miss it. :)


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