Wednesday, September 10, 2014


All going well, today I am going to my patchwork class in Manukau.

I'll be using my awesome Sewing Machine Trolley for the first time.  Silly how exciting that is!

Today I'm going to be working on these:

ABOVE: Two blocks ready for stitching on my 'Pink Dresden Plate Quilt'.
I know there's green and brown in it too, but I'm still calling it the Pink one.

I got a small panel in the post on the weekend from J down Wellington way.  I'm turning it into a wall hanging for her.  

ABOVE:  The panel.  I'm taking it along to compare fabric colours with it... so I can think about how to do the border.  I'm not going to extend the size of the panel too much, I will probably just add a simple border then quilt and bind it, add the hanging dowel etc.  
J, it might take me a little while to get it finished because I am working on a couple of other projects at the same time.
*Christmas presents* for family.

All righty, time to go get me bag packed!


Oh and yaaa!  I don't feel sick this morning, so maybe I'm adjusting to the new medication fast!  Fingers crossed it continues to be OK.

I learnt something new again today!  I was watching 'B' writing WITH A PEN on the front of her quilt, and I asked her how was she going to get the ink off?  Was it a wash out one or what?
And she showed me her pen, and how to get it off.


ABOVE:  It's a  Pilot brand, and you can use the 'rubber' at the end of the pen to gently rub out the ink (not that good on fabric), or you just quickly iron over it... and BOOM!  It's gone!
I am gobsmacked.  And thrilled to bits to finally know what to use to draw free hand designs or patterns onto fabric, that can be removed so easily after stitching.

I am so very happy to finally be in a Patchwork Group where people share ideas and knowledge... and are really welcoming to new members in their group.  I'm staying there forever.

OH and... I told them I was determined to lose 15-20 kilos by Christmas, so they wouldn't let me have any cake for morning tea!  I thanked them... *smiles*

Well... a good afternoon and evening.  I did a wee bit more sewing, then made dinner for the family, Chicken Rissotto.
It was darn nice too.

Then after dinner I felt a bit bla with the back ache so did nothing else but watch TV.

End of Day:  I had a lovely morning at class, and a nice quiet afternoon and evening.
nite nite


  1. Have a fun day at sewing the pink panels are looking great on their own once again your craft skills amaze me I always love watching the start process and end product.

  2. Love that wall hanging :-) Got your comment on my blog .. not sure why it gave you that message..

  3. They sound like a lovely bunch of women. I am sure you can teach them as much as they teach you.

  4. I usually use a blue texta type pen, readily available in Spotlight over here, to draw on fabric. They are water soluble. My kids use to lick fabric to remove the mark and think it was great fun. Also used to use a purple one that was air soluble but dont know if they are still available.

  5. You're like the pool shark, with his pool cue in the little case. Except yours is a sewing maching trolley. When you pull that down the street, all the sewers who see you will be very very intimidated.

  6. Sounds like you are enjoying the quilting class and that's wonderful. Keep up the good work, beautiful quilts.

  7. Love the dresden plates!

  8. Do you think it's possible that sitting hunched over your sewing work is agrivating your back? Like carpel tunnel in your back?

  9. So glad you have found a group you like and are back stitching. It is wonderful to be doing something you love with like-minded people :-)

  10. That marking pen is great. A student used it to mark the lines for hst one night and then decided to press them and had to redo. She had a good laugh. Love the dresden plate blocks and I'm happy for you that you've found a good group of sewing buddies. That means so much!


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