Sunday, September 28, 2014


Well... today is the first full day we have Tallulah in our family.  
Let's see how our day pans out... which will include friggin grocery shopping.  Ikkk.

ABOVE:  The only decent photo I got of Tallulah yesterday!  She is beautiful, with a gorgeous stance.

I asked Steve to take a photo of me and the dogs... and he took about 153... and there was only ONE that was any good!
He took photos upside down, sideways, and in weird positions... so I only got this one:

 ABOVE:  Me and my dogs.  
I had been telling everyone to be careful if they were holding Tallulah, so she didn't get dropped and possibly hurt.
And what happened while she was on my lap?

ABOVE:  The little bugger jumped off!  I was so shocked... Steve got the moment rather well.
I have to laugh.... both dogs are looking down at the puppy sprawled on the ground.  

Some other fun photos from yesterday afternoon:

 ABOVE:  getting some air with his Daddy.

 ABOVE:  Dante putting grass on his Daddy...

 ABOVE:  Daddy reciprocating.  I think Daddy won.
 ABOVE: Dante didn't mind, he loves playing with his Dad.

 ABOVE: A sweet moment...

 ABOVE:  Steve being a bloody poser!

 ABOVE:  How cute is this?

The puppy woke at 6 am... even though the clock said 7 am... Daylight Saving just started.
There goes the end of my sleep ins.

More photos from TODAY:

ABOVE:  first thing this morning... looking all fluffy and cute... but can't see much of her eyes.

ABOVE:  Mum fed me brother and sister, then she offered me some of that stuff... and after much hesitation... I really liked it!

Then... once Mum had lulled me into a false sense of security... the bitch did this to me!...

ABOVE: She trimmed around me eyes... and as if that wasn't bad enough...

ABOVE:  She tried to bloody drown me!

ABOVE:  I was NOT impressed, and gave her the stink eye.

ABOVE:  waiting to be dried... by a heap of beer bottles... how embarrassing.  *sigh*

ABOVE:  I'm told I will get over it.  Well... I am not so sure.

ABOVE:  still a bit damp, but getting over it.

Well... the rest of today was spent playing with the puppy and doing the grocery shopping.

Not much else!

End of Day:  Daylight saving has started here, and it's making the day very long!  Having to get up to Tallulah early sure has made me tired.  Can't say I'd like this stage to last too long!
nite nite


  1. Not only is the photo when she jumped off perfect timing. ..look at the dogs' faces!!!

  2. For a sec, it looked like Dante was jumping off the ROOF! Yipes!

    Your new doggie is so, so beautiful. She really is.

  3. You didn't even mention your leopard shirt, which is my favorite thing abouit this post!

  4. Oh my God, that picture where Tallulah jumped off your lap made me laugh so much. I also love the bath photos - one less than impressed puppy!

  5. She is very cute and looks like she has fitted in with the others very well. Great photos-love the bath eyes!!

  6. Cute overload puppy and Dante how cute I love the Air photo and the bath photos. Glad she has settled in so well.

  7. Gorgeous photos Chris - you are very clever at snapping photos at just the right time to get some fantastic photos. I'm sure that your newest addition is going to bring lots of joy to your family - she's very cute!

  8. lol, she looks soooo cute. Darling little puppy xxx

  9. That is one cute puppy! Even wet! and the grandson and his daddy time is adorable!

  10. haha love the bath pics!


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