Monday, September 29, 2014


A few days ago I got a phone call from Surprises in Sylvia Park, letting me know that the Tigger figurine we had ordered was in the shop.

So yesterday when we were at Sylvia Park doing the grocery shopping we picked him up ... and a cute BRITTO cutting tray as well.

When we got home I went to put Tigger in the cabinet... only to see.... we already had a Tigger!

Damned if I know how that happened!  And DOH, fancy forgetting we already had him and going and buying another one!  

Also... when we got home and looked at the cutting tray we noticed it had marks on it... so I rang the shop and said I would be bringing it back.

So, that's what we are doing this morning... taking Tigger and the cutting tray back.  I will probably swap Tigger for a figurine we don't already  have,  and also the tray.

I also need to stop in at OPSM and get my driving glasses fixed.  One of the arms keeps falling off... most annoying.  Fingers crossed it's an easy fix.

It will be the first time Tallulah is left home alone... sort of anyway.  She will have Teddy and Coco around to keep her company I suppose.

She is doing really well for a little puppy away from her Mum and siblings.  I'm sure having our dogs to be with has helped her immensely. 

Right, after the glut of photos on yesterday's post... I have NONE for today ... yet. *smiles*


ABOVE:  And so it starts.  Shoes and socks seem to be universally attractive to puppies.  

She cried in the night... like at 3am ... for quite a while.
We could hear her, but we left her to it.  She has to learn that we won't come get her at that time of night!  No bloody way.

Just about ready to head out to the mall to swap Tigger for someone else.  Hmmm.... who to get?

ABOVE:  Well.. we got Dumbo.  And a store credit for the chopping tray.  So, all's well that ends well.

We had lunch at Manukau Mall after getting Dumbo, and I also got my glasses fixed.

HOME, and ummm.... a certain little puppy had escaped from her pen!  No idea how she did it... except maybe?  she climbed out?

So, we sat and watched her for HOURS... until she got desperate to get out... then I got her escape on film.

It's still uploading, so will show you later.

Clever little tart!

Feeling like utter crap.  Got a heavy cold now to go with the cough.  Lovely.
Bex is the same.  We are both feeling miserable.

End of Day:  got something AMAZING in the mail today!  Will show you tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. Well???? Where is Tiggers' replacement? And how did baby dog do while you were away?

  2. Love the new puppy,she is so adorable!! Know she will be spoiled rotten by all!

  3. Cute Dumbo. Tallulah is a clever little miss- I had to laugh at her antics!

  4. Dumbo is cut but Tallulah she is cuter mischievous and adventurous hmmmm me thinks not much sleeping tonight.

  5. What's wrong with two Tiggers! But the Dumbo is nice!

  6. What a cutie! Hope you are feeling better soon :(

  7. Awww, that puppy is so adorable! I'd be tempted to not leave the house or carry her in a baby carrier lol... she's going to be so spoilt. :)

  8. Cute puppy! Glad to see you got Tigger sorted out.


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