Thursday, September 25, 2014


Today I have these for a missing Daddy:

ABOVE:  "Hi Daddy, I miss you".... 

Steve is out of town, has been since Tuesday morning, he's due home later on tonight.
Dante has been saying "Where's?"  and looking around for his Dad... it's so cute.

I hope he is super excited to see him when he does get home.

In the meantime, Dante is getting a haircut today.  He hates it too... Bex has to hold his head still while the person cuts his hair.
Dante screams.

Not that I've been there when he's had it done... but I will be today.  I shall take me trusty camera and get a few shots of the bedlam!

After that, Bex, Dante and I are off to the mall for a browse around, and Bex wants to get a few groceries too.

So that's the morning taken care of.

When we get home I might read a few blogs before doing some sewing.  I've not done any sewing for days!  It's just been so COLD down in the garage, not at all inviting to be down there right now.

Oh and before I forget!  We received a gorgeous card in the mail yesterday from a blog reader:

ABOVE:  From Louise F, who made the card as well.    It's a congrats on the new baby coming card.  Awwww thanks Louise, it is so cute.

Right, catch ya later...


HAIRCUT:  Well... as predicted, Dante kicked up  a right stink-fest ... which started the moment the hairdresser tried to put the cape on him.
Once he got settled down over that...

ABOVE:  Bex had to hold his face to keep him still and calm.  He HATED the water spray on his hair too.

ABOVE:  The process took a while... and lots of faces... and snot.

 ABOVE:  And TEARS... lots of them.

 ABOVE: Getting braver!  The bottom lip was never far away, but for his FIRST time in a hair salon, we think he did really well.

ABOVE: LOOK!  I still have some!

Quiet afternoon.  Steve got home earlier than expected, so he's spent some lovely time with his wee man and Bex this afternoon.

Stew just got home now it's "What's for dinner tonight?".

Takeaways.  Pizza looks to be the consensus.

ANNE:  seeing you up here would be wonderful!  I hope it eventuates.

End of Day:  a bit early, I'm shattered for some reason.  So, so tired.
nite nite


  1. That Dante is just sooooooo cute!
    How many more sleeps until the new arrival????

  2. Lorraine H3:29 PM

    I love Dante's look at his Mummy as to say,why are you being mean to me."I Love You Mummy".

    Southgirl x

  3. Awwwww what a cutie even through the tears..... Poor mum those eyes, that face those lips! Glad it is all over until next time. Do you go back to same hairdresser? They would need oodles patience for kids cuts.

  4. Too cute for words! Hey all going well I may have a morning in Auckland, will text you, so you don't need to post hanging:-)

  5. haha I remember those days with my kids. One time this woman wouldn't even cut Trevor's hair because he was crying.

  6. Great photos! This made me remember the riser seat for the barber chair!

  7. Glad it finally arrived :) AND guess what I arrived home to after a full on day on a school trip.... a lovely wall hanging. Thank you so much it is gorgeous.

  8. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Poor Dante!!!! Such a Cutie!!!!!

  9. I remember one of my boys kicking up a stink at the barbers as well...I used to have to sit on a stoll and hold was interesting..LOL. Dante sure is a cutie though :-)


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