Thursday, September 11, 2014


First up for today... I'm nipping down to Spotlight to get a few good quality threads.
I've been using (predominantly) cheap cotton thread from Spotlight, and the Ngaire (Tutor), yesterday said I really shouldn't be using it ... because it cheapens what I'm making, and it doesn't last as long as, say, polyester.

Also, it's not good for my sewing machine.  Well... that's good enough reason for me.  I can't be using crap cotton thread in McDreamy!

So, I shall invest in some good polyester!

Once I've done that, I shall come home and read a few of me favourite blogs, then do a bit more prep-work for tomorrow's Patchwork Class.
Get a couple more blocks ready for sewing I think.

I'm going great on the 'diet' front too.  There have been a few temptations this week, but almost every time I've felt like something sweet I've managed to not deviate from me path.
I DID have a couple of biscuits on Monday, but I was ever so good and stuck to what I had and didn't go in for more.  
So... I'm really happy with myself.

I hope everyone else in our little Weight Loss Support Group is doing well?   Don't forget to check in on our Facebook Group and tell us all how you are doing!
Sandra... you are the exception.. you can gain weight and grow a healthy, happy baby boy!  I'm so excited for you and your hubby.  Roll on December.

Talking of babies, Bex is doing well... no dreadful morning sickness, just a few queasy moments so far.

So all good here!


Well... I let me fingers do the walking, and rang around various places to find what brands of cottons they had.
JOY:  No one here has Rasant threads.
So, I went to Spotlight and got a few Gutermann threads, then I went to Fabricland in Pakakura and got some Mettler threads from there.
The Mettler threads are a bit cheaper, and they have a much larger variety so I shall probably stick with Mettler threads from now on.

ABOVE:  Dante checking out me new threads.  He's such a hard case.

Time for some lunch, then some blog reading I think.

The day is going as planned.  Read a few blogs and feel good about that.
It's so nice to do a bit of a catch up.

Dinner.  Well I can feel myself teetering ... maybe I will have some takeaways, but be careful how much I eat.  I've been EXCELLENT ALL DAY, so .... depending on what the family want, I will have some I think.

End of Day: another really good day done and dusted.  Dinner was nice, but not so wonderful that I want to do it again too soon.  
nite nite


  1. Sounds like things are good for you today. Nothing beats a nice quiet day!

  2. Chris a great thread for your machine and the quilty work you do is Rassant. It's an excellent quality cotton thread with a polyester core. Great for your machine and great for your quilts and things too. We get it here for about $8 a 1000m reel. :)

    1. Thanks for the advice Joy, I will see if we can get it here. I've never heard of it though, so maybe we don't. I'll let you know.

  3. Oh my! I have been away from blogging far to long. CONGRATS!!! I am so excited for you all. :)

  4. We are pretty excited too :). Will be back in weight loss mode once the boy turns up.

  5. I don't sew often but do use the good threads. I hope that was not the cause of your last machine going bad? That stash you bought would have cost a small fortune - not cheap to buy!!

  6. Well done on the biscuit front and sticking to your diet! Love your thread collection!!

  7. Nice colour cottons that will no doubt keep you on the look out for bargains and colours. How is the dragon wall hanging going? Maybe check trade me for thread?

  8. Gawd I'm a noodle I saw the finished wall hanging and commented even.

  9. OMG that pic of Dante cracks me up!!!

  10. I'm glad the diet is going well. I need to get back on my eating plan...I've gained weight over the summer. ugh. hate it. Love the pic of Dante with the thread!

  11. Keep up the good work on the diet front. Priceless picture of Dante.

  12. LOL his face looking at the thread, so cute!

    My friend is like 4 months pg and still having food issues. It's a blessing when you don't have that dreaded morning sickness!

  13. Dante is so cute, can see what he's thinking of doing with those threads.

  14. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Dante + Cute!!!! Nothing like crappy takeaway to put you off it for a while :-)

  15. Anonymous4:04 PM

    * =

  16. It's really hard to find cotton threads in Singapore and they also cost more than polyester thread. I only use polyester thread as they are easier to get. I get my thread from this shop and the owner says seamstresses and tailors use the same thread. I think it's from Malaysia. The Spotlight in Singapore doesn't stock any cheap cotton thread. Nothing's cheap in Spotlight.


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