Friday, September 12, 2014


Before I head off to Patchwork Class this morning, I've got a bit to sort out in the sewing 'room'.

I've listed all my 'old' cottons on Trade Me (above), so I need to sort out all the new ones and get them in their colour coded containers.  I'm a bit anal about that... I like EVERYTHING to be sorted and organised ya see.

And I am hoping I actually notice a difference sewing with 'good' thread!

LYNDA: yes, that haul of threads did indeed cost a bomb!  AND NO, using the cheaper thread did not cause Lemony's problems at all.  I do/have been using 'good' threads as well as the cheaper ones for years.

Right, I better get myself sorted out ready for class.... though it doesn't take me long really.

I might even have time to do a few jobs around the house.  I've been rather slack on the housework front lately.


Class today was again lovely.  It was pissing down with rain coming and going, so that was a bit shitty.

Got there and met one lady I'd not met before, and I have to show you what she's working on:

ABOVE:  She's making a 'Scrappy Quilt', which is just a fancy way of saying you are using up heaps of your scraps.  She is using brights, so I just love it!

I am very tempted to start on of my own... maybe I can put the Dresden Plate Quilt aside for a little while???   Or work on two quilts at the same time?

THAT might be a nice idea, that way I won't get bored.

Good thinking.

I'm really tired this afternoon, I didn't sleep well at all last night and woke up fully at around 5am and slept hardly at all after that.

So, a nap might be in my immediate future...

Well... I did indeed go for an afternoon nap... but it didn't really happen.  My mind was swirling with various things that I want to get done, both in the sewing room and in the house in general.

A few things to iron out this weekend.

End of Day: well sorry I've been rather boring lately.  Life has pretty much settled into a routine now, and well.... I don't see why anyone bothers to read this! I feel guilty sometimes my life is not more interesting!
nite nite


  1. Well you learn something every day, I didn't know there were different grades of thread but of course it's logical. Quality wins over quantity every time.

  2. Glad you are enjoying your classes Chris. Love the Scrappy quilt - I'm a brights person as well.

  3. Woah that's a lot of cotton, but I bet it doesn't take long to go through at the crate you sew, maybe buy 2 cottons a week to build up your stock again. Does spotlight ever give you vouchers or free stuff they so should.

  4. Anonymous4:01 PM

    could go a Nana nap myself!!! Hope you have a nice one. Glad you are enjoying your classes!! :-)

  5. Did you know that I have a sewing kit? It consists of a needle, and a spool of dental floss. Dental floss is strong, and anything I need to sew, I sew with dental floss.
    You could simplify your life quite a bit if you adopt my philosophy on sewing!

  6. Hope you have a restful weekend. Have fun quilting.

  7. I think your blog is interesting because you post EVERY day, so everytime we come there is something new. That colorful quilt is really cute!

  8. A scrap quilt with pretty stitching on the seams would be really nice!

  9. It's like a catch up phone call type of thing reading your blog I guess. Although you don't get to see what we're up to (the non-bloggers)


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