Sunday, September 07, 2014


It's Fathers Day here in New Zealand, and probably a few other places as well... I'm not sure?

Anyway, in this house it doesn't necessarily mean Stew gets to sleep in, but I will try to make sure he does.

I might even serve him breakfast in bed!  Ya never know, miracles DO happen.  lol

We don't really make a big fuss of 'Fathers Day' because it really is highly commercialised now days and the retailers are the only ones who make a big deal of it.

As for who's coming to spend the day with us today, well I know Kelly and Rena are, maybe her partner Gordon too.  Russell might be, I've not heard ya or nay on him coming.

That's all I think.  Lacy is in Tauranga and Mike is too far away to come.

We had planned to all meet up at Sylvia Park for lunch, but Steve's offered to provide lunch at home, so we shall stay home instead.
Which I prefer actually, cos I can get some sewing done before anyone gets here hopefully.

It is going to take me FOREVER to sew all the Dresden Plate blades together, so no time like the present to get a start on them.

I'm also having a little 'play' around with the new sewing machine trolley bag, seeing how things will fit in it for class.  It's HUGE... so I will only need the one bag from now on.  Excellent.

ABOVE: piles and piles of little pieces of fabric, all waiting to be joined together.  *sigh*  Why did I start another one of these???

At least I have not given myself a deadline to get it done!  And I can put it aside and do something else when I need a break from it.  

Right, I might just see about making that man of mine a nice breakfast! ...


Ummm... Stew ended up cooking his own breakfast!  I'm a terrible wife.

He's now hanging out the washing too.
Maybe I'm just a very spoilt wife!

Oh well.... on with the day.

Kelly, Rena and Russell have arrived.  Stew and Steve are out getting Pizza to feed the family lunch.
I'm having crackers.  

I've found me WW Ultimate Points Guide and am going to point everything from now on that goes in me gob.
I'm going to lose 15-20 by Christmas.  It can be done.

ABOVE: some happy snaps taken today. The last one is of Russell talking to his two littlies over SKYPE this afternoon.  That was really special for him.  He misses his babies so much.

Kelly and Russell have left now, so it's back to normal here.

I managed to resist the Pizza by going down to the garage and sewing.  Yaaa!

Today has been a really nice day in all.  I ended it with a long spa ... which is doing my back wonders.
I get out feeling so much more refreshed and alive!  Not like a creaking old woman with a bad back.  *smiles*

End of Day:  bring on the new week... I'm ready for it, got a new resolve and am not going to break it.
nite nite


  1. Just be careful lifting the bag into your car. I put too much in it and couldn't lift it the first time.

  2. Do you think that is how you may have hurt your back last week, week before lifting your machine around to go to class? You might need a ramp to get it into car. That is a lot of pieces to join.

  3. Anonymous12:19 PM

    LOL my husband is having the exact same sort of day!


  4. Fathers Day in Australia too! Plan on a seafood feast for my hubby for dinner!

  5. 15kgs by Christmas is do-able for sure. Eat a tiny bit less and move a tiny bit more. Don't torture yourself... go hour by hour. xxxxx

  6. I know this goes against your usual habits, but a sure way to lose weight is eat a healthy, low GI breakfast. Kickstart the metabolism. Good luck! xx

  7. I LOVE the signs in the fabric shop. That coat is darling but it looks tight even on Steve!


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