Sunday, September 14, 2014


So... last night I thought I'd try my hand at free hand quilting, just a small 'block' to see how difficult it was.

It was difficult!  So much needle turning, up and down, turning around and so on.
I can't do 'free motion' quilting yet, so it was just slow and laborious.  BUT... I like it!

So did Bex.  But the men?  All thought it was just so-so... until they actually LOOKED at it closer...

ABOVE:  Stitched white on white... I saw it on one of the Mariner's Star quilts... it was part of the quilting and I thought it was awesome and wanted to try and do it myself.

To see if I could.  Well... I can.  But it took about 3 hours to do just that one piece!

I've put binding on it, and now I just have to hand stitch the back and it will be done.

I'm going to make it into a mini-wall hanging... then think about what to do with it. 

Today:  just chill out I think.  I'm full of the cold and cough.  And feel ill still.  I'm thinking of ringing and making an appointment to see the Dr during the week about adjusting my medication.  I'm feeling sick as a dog and the hot flushes are manic again... all down to the blood pressure medication I think.

I'll probably do some more sewing at some point during the day... once I'm feeling a bit better.


I've decided what to do with the little lighthouse wall hanging.

IF you want a chance to 'win' it... from TOMORROW till Wednesday you can put your name in the 'draw'.  I will announce the winner on Thursday (NZ time).  You can enter only once, and no using multiple names BEX!

ABOVE:  our little man is sick again.  High temperatures, but nothing else... YET.

Stew is, as I type, out getting some pork belly from our local New World.  We 'ordered' some yesterday and just got a phone call to say they had some in.  Yaaa... pork belly for Tuesday's dinner.  Can't wait.

Stew, B & G and I are going out for lunch shortly.  It will be a late lunch as everyone had a late breakfast here.
I am starving, so hopefully I can make a semi-wise lunch choice!

We had lunch at Sylvia Park, which was teeming with people and noisy.  Lunch was a Kebab, which was a fairly healthy choice.  
We also got to see all the new Britto in the shop... and couldn't resist two of the little figurines:

ABOVE:  now we have 6 large figurines and 6 small ones, plus a few other random items in the collection.  

I'm sure Stew loves it as much as I do!

Right, I'm now going to have a go at stitching a lighthouse in blue thread...

and as Bex so kindly said in her comment, I had a nap instead.
My back is still giving me shit, and the cough, cough, splutter is no fun either.

I have a feeling I'm going to be keeping this damn annoying back ache AND cough for a while.

End of Day:  dinner tonight was pea and ham soup, slowly cooked in the crock pot (slow cooker) all day, accompanied by fresh dinner buns.
Everyone enjoyed it.
nite nite


  1. Lorraine H7:43 AM

    Chris,that freehand Quilting you have done is absolutely beautiful.You definately are one talented lady.
    Southgirl x

  2. Oh no not the sickies :( Great job on the lighthouse!

  3. The lighthouse looks beautiful. Hope the dr can sort out your meds and get those flushes under control. X

  4. The lighthouse wall hanging is so NEAT, you have absorbed all of our creativity cause I have Nada! The britto figurine colours are so bright love them.

  5. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Haha y sew when you can have a nap lol ae

    xx bexs

  6. ohhh love those little Britto characters


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