Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Meh... I'm not sure I feel like going to Patchwork class today.
Feeling only so-so... and if it turns into a nice morning I'm tempted to take Teddy and Coco for a walk in the Gardens.

They've not been out and about for a little while (except for the great escape!)... so they would love a walk I'm sure.

Once we get Tallulah, going out and about will be not happening until she is fully immunised.

Dare I say it... 3 MORE SLEEPS!

So... depending on the weather, and my mood, I might just stay home.

ANNE R:  I'm still waiting for your address Chick... so I can send the Lighthouse wall hanging to you!

Right.... I'll bugger off for now... hang out the washing... bla bla bla.


Yaaa.... it is a lovely spring morning here and I will take the dogs out and about. 
Bex and Dante are off to Playcentre too.

The dog panel from Ebay arrived nice and early this morning... it took so long I was starting to think it wasn't going to arrive.  Rather happy it did!


ABOVE: Miss Polly, due to turn 1 year old on 26th October.  She is called 'Mad Dog' more than Polly I think.  She was our hyper puppy and it seems she ain't changed.  Awwwww.  She has just had her first 'real groom' in this photo... so I hope she's not feeling the cold too much down in the lower North Island.

So.  I'm driving home after walking the dogs, and I have to drive past our local Hot Bread Shop, who I might add sell the most divine Chocolate/Caramel slice EVER, and I'm seriously debating with myself on  if I should stop and buy a piece (or 2). 

But then I think: Nah, I shall get home and hop on the scales instead.  That might motivate me to keep going with the diet.

It's a day - by - day thing at the moment keeping on track.... and it's hard. 

And I'm so happy I didn't stop.  I have lost .95 kilos this week (that's just over 2 pounds).  If I can keep this up I will have lost 15-20 kilos by the end of the year, and that is my goal.... for now.

For lunch today I had bacon and onion and egg on toast.  It was really nice... and having a 'decent' meal at lunchtime means NO SNACKING.  Gotta be good.

Me cough kicked in after lunch and I nearly lost me lunch down the loo.  So I took some more Gees Linctus... the magic cough syrup. It works.

I'm now cooking dinner, macaroni cheese with bacon, onion and tomato.  Should be nice too.

End of Day:  Well dinner went down well... adding tomato tonight made heaps of difference... much tastier.
Watched TV and just chilled out tonight.  Too cold to go and sew down in the garage.  Might get some done tomorrow.  We will see.
nite nite


  1. Congratulations on showing such great resolve with the bakery. Very inspiring.

  2. good for you!!!... it's hour-by-hour for me. xxxxx

  3. Great resolve! It was a stunner down our way to. The mountains amazing today looking over the lake just glorious.

  4. Congratulations! I hope your hard work continues to pay off and you reach your goal. I'm slowly getting to the point of starting to watch what I eat but I'm having a very hard time giving up the chocolate.

  5. Congrats on the weight loss, and
    Thank you for all your help getting my blog back up!


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