Saturday, September 06, 2014


Uncle Mike... look at my new basketball shoes:

ABOVE:  Griffin after his 5 games of basketball yesterday.  All hot and sweaty.  Age 12, shoe size 12.  Bigger than his Dad's!  Michael Jordan basketball sneakers... he loves them.

ABOVE:  Dante playing with a tape measure.  He liked chasing the dogs around so he could 'measure' them.  Very cute, but the dogs didn't think so.  *smiles*

Today:   we are heading off to Matamata, which is about 1 and a half hours away from here.

A nice distance for a day trip.  And the lady whose machine bag I've bought told me where to find the local fabric shop, so I shall be popping in there after lunch to see what they have.  
I'm really looking forward to the trip, it feels like ages since we took a drive out of Auckland.

I shall be back much later on today, hopefully with a few nice photos to share...


Well... we are having internet issues, no photos on some things, can't get hotmail, news sites and most other things.  Weird.  Anyone else having computer issues?  
I don't even know if I will get this to publish.. time will tell.

We are almost ready to leave, so catch ya later.

We are sitting in a local pub waiting for our lunch.   
I managed to get some fabric from the local patchwork shop... I will show you when we get home. 

Well we are home, our trip was really lovely.  Photos:

ABOVE:  The fabric shop in Matamata.  It was half full of amazing cushions and the other half was fabrics.  Awesome shop.

ABOVE: The three signs the owner had hanging in her shop.  

 ABOVE: A nice view along the road somewhere near Matamata.

ABOVE:  A crap photo of the Wairere Falls near Matamata.  I've never noticed them before!  One day we hope to do the walk up to them, apparently it's a 3-4 hour walk.

 ABOVE:  We had an amazing lunch at the pub next door to the fabric shop!  I couldn't even finish my burger, and only had a couple of the chips.

 ABOVE: Dante inside my new sewing machine bag... it's enormous.
ABOVE: Steve modeling my new winter jacket... it WILL fit me next year!  We got it from a shop in Tirau that sells clothes from Nepal.

 ABOVE:  We got the two woolen hats for Dante and maybe his sibling... but they ended up on Steve and Bex.  Dante didn't want to wear his.

 ABOVE:  cute.

 ABOVE:  Dante being a spoil sport.  

ABOVE:  some of the fabric I got today.

ABOVE: The rest of the fabric.  The shop had the dog panel that I've just bought via ebay.  So I got some matching fabric to go with it.

I'm expecting a quiet evening cutting out more Dresden Plate fabrics.  Steve is cooking dinner tonight... how lucky am I!

End of Day:  well I finally got all the fabric pieces cut out... and it's time for bed.
Catch ya tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. Have fun. Not to far from Morrinsville and Wrights Fabric either!!!. Griffin is growing up fast.

  2. Nationwide Spark (Telecom) outage... should be fixed by the time you get back :)

  3. Wow Griffin getting tall fast and such a handsome young man now, not that he wasn't. Nice day for travrlling . kids are funny with objects my great niece dusts with a paintbrush and everything gets dusted poets included she is 2.5 yr old.

  4. Penny1:49 PM

    Wow Griffin! You have outpaced me (yes, I know I am a woman but if you remember when I met you I am pretty tall for a woman?). My shoes are only size 11-12, and I have to buy them from what I call big foot shops because womens shoes don't normally come in my size. You are part of a special club of tall people, and you haven't even got to your mid teen growth spurt ye! I'm so glad you enjoy basket ball. Love the shoes. Hope I get to come and see your family again one day. Penny xo

  5. Penny1:50 PM

    *yet By the way, hi Chris!

  6. My grandmother would say that Griffin has a good Under Standing on the World! My Dad had size 14 feet and had to have them made when he was young. Go Griffin. You'll be a great player at any sport! Hope you had a great day out.

  7. Looks like a great day! Trevor is 11 and in a 9, I'm sure 12's are in his future. Scott wears a 14.


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