Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Yesterday afternoon, quite late for a Monday, our mail was delivered.  And Stew brought it inside.
I was not expecting anything, so when Stew handed me a parcel I was quite puzzled.

WHO would be sending me a parcel?  
It was sent from 'J', who's wall hanging I am working on right now.

Hmmm... what was she sending me?

ABOVE:  Can you imagine the squeals and OMG's when I saw the box? ! ? ! ? ! ???

ABOVE:  'J' had sent me an utterly gorgeous BRITTO Trinket Box!  I am so shocked!  But THANK YOU 'J'!  I love it... and it is now in my BRITTO cabinet.  I don't have anything like it at all in the Britto range!

I'm glad you (J) now know what a 'Fat Quarter' is... and I hope to visit one day and check out your local fabric shop!
How cool will that be?  Maybe next time I'm down in Palmy I can pop down on the train.

I found a new dessert to make ... saw it on the Annabel Langbien programme the other night.  Toffee'd Oranges.

ABOVE:  Because I didn't have many oranges I added apricots on Saturday night.  

Last night I made it again because Steve missed out on Saturday night's serving.  I used oranges and pineapple last night.  It's not that healthy!  Simply put it's fruit with hot toffee poured over it, then shards of toffee on top. 

Annabel has a website: http://www.annabel-langbein.com/   This dessert is slightly different there, but basically the same thing as what I saw on the telly.

It's quite fun trying something new, and I should try it more often.  We so often fall into the habit of making the same old dinners, and not getting venturous.  I want to get more variety into our meals.  

So that might mean spending some time pouring over recipes! 

But not today.  I'm going to read a few blogs, then sew.  And look after Miss Tallulah... though I do have a few willing hands to help with her of course.


Tallulah screamed and cried from 4 am till 6 am, when I finally gave in and went and lay on the floor with her.  *sigh*
Then at 7 I got Griffin to stay with her and went back to bed!

Stew is probably yawning his way through the day too... Whoops.
Tonight I'm going to make Coco stay with her and see if that stops her crying?

 ABOVE: Dante decided it was an 'all toys' day, and got them all out.

ABOVE:  Morning tea time.  Eating Grandma's favourite crackers... Arnotts Country Cheese.  OMG they are delish.

 ABOVE:  I finally got my new blender in use.. well.. in the kitchen.  We have been using Bex's, but now her's is packed away and we can use mine.  I can't wait to give it a go.

Don't ya just love kitchen gadgets?  I sure do.

Alrighty... me head is killing me.. so while I've not read that many blogs at all... I'm taking a break.  Might even have a nap... this cold, on top of the cough is really doing me in.

Poor Bex is even worse than me...  being pregnant isn't the half of it for her.  Poor girl.

I have felt steadily worse during the day, and an now thinking I might just have my first case of the flu?  My eyes, neck, arms etc are all just so sore.  My nose hurts, I'm sneezing like a freight train (noisy) and just miserable.

Bex has improved with some antibiotics from the Dr today, thank goodness.

I cooked a nice big meatloaf for dinner... not exactly a quick meal, but not to onerous.

End of Day:  plans in place for tonight...Tallulah and Coco confined to the Family Room together.  Fingers crossed that keeps Tallulah quiet.  
If not... I am going to be a right mess tomorrow!
nite nite


  1. That Britto box is so pretty, we watched Annabel too and had toffee oranges last night at my friends..... Stunningly sunny and cold here perfect skiing weather!

  2. Hurrah, the box arrived safely in one piece. I'm glad you like it!

    1. Thank you so much Judith! I don't like it... I LOVE IT!

  3. I love that little box... especially the heart shape - well chosen Judith!!

  4. Anonymous3:01 PM

    I love Annabel Langbein!!!!

  5. I like the box. Last night must have been "Dogs keep us awake" night.

  6. Hope you and Bex are feeling better soon. Hopefully you get the puppy settled and you can get a proper night's rest. Take care.

  7. Oh Chris! I'm drooling over that dessert! Sometimes the good ones just can't be healthy!

  8. I hope that keeps the puppy quiet tonight. Maybe I can send Scott over, he keeps waking me up too early :::Yawn:::

  9. How did it go with Coco tending to the puppy in the night?

  10. That's a really compelling look at your day to day travails. I'm sorry to hear about your headache and your scattered other hurts. I hope you've secured yourself some good medical consultation and treatment at the very least, enough to have identified and stopped the problems in due time. Take care!

    Pearlie Kreidler @ US HealthWorks


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