Thursday, September 04, 2014


Last night's spa was divine!  Stew joined me and it was just so nice to sit there and chat.  We don't chat enough.

When I finally got out I felt fantastic!   There was still a niggle in me back, but I felt like I could breathe deeply again... and MOVE without too much pain.

I hope my back continues to improve.  The Doctor said that often these sort of back strains can take up to 6 weeks to get better!  Bugger that.  Tramadol and spas should keep it under control ...I hope.

Bag.  I would like a trolley type bag to put my sewing machine in to transport it easily from my car to class.  One lady in Friday's class has a really neat trolley bag, and I asked Ngaire (shop owner) to find out the price of a new one for me.

Well... it was $380!  Ahhh ... bugger that! And it was a bit too small for my thumping great big machine.

So, last night I went online (ebay, Trade Me) to see if I could find a bigger one, 2nd hand.

It must have been my lucky day because there was just ONE, and it is Extra Large, perfect for my machine.  AND it's way cheaper than a new one. 

I put in a bid for it, and fingers crossed I get it.  I will find out later tonight.  Quite excited.... silly me.

Today I am going to cut out more 'blades' for the pink Dresden Plate blocks... this project is going to keep me busy for ages, which is neat.  And if I get a bit bored I can stop and do a few little projects too.

I'm expecting a little project to arrive in the mail soon from a blogger friend near Wellington.  She doesn't sew much, so I've offered to make her fabric panel into a wall hanging.  I can't wait to see it!  

If my back plays up too much during the day, I shall pop back into the spa.  I'm loving the spa again, and it won't take much to get me back in it!  *smiles*

I'm feeling really happy ... lots of positive things floating around in me head.  Sure is better than the doom and gloom of late!

And a new baby is coming.... I am super happy about that.  In case you missed the news the other day... Bex and Steve are expecting Baby number 2 next year.


I decided to have a 'quick' look at batik fabrics on ebay.
2 hours later.... and I still have not got to the end of the  batiks for sale! OMG ... I have put quite a few on my 'Watch List'.  I'm not getting any until I get the dog panel... because I've not bought anything on ebay before, I want to make sure it arrives and I'm charged the correct amount.

Has anyone ever had any problems with ebay?

ABOVE:  some of  the fabrics I'm looking at.  There's just SO MANY!!!

The pain killers are finally working, but they are making me a bit 'spaced out' in the head! Novel feeling I must say, kinda like being drunk!
I don't think I can drive me car while I'm on these pills.  The Doctor told me if I had an accident I would NOT be covered by my insurance.  Good to know.

I'm gunna go have a lie down ... sitting here all morning is not good for me back at all.

Several hours later!   I slept for 3 hours!!!   And I feel really groggy.   I might just have to cut back on the Tramadol, it's strong stuff.

Takeaways tonight, yaaa, no cooking.  

I have had an awful evening.   I started feeling very ill just before dinner, and was head over the loo for a while.  Then my nausea settled down a bit, so I had dinner.

Then about an hour later the inevitable happened and I was sick.  So... I'm cutting down on the Tramadol... to see if I tolerate it better.

End of Day:  waiting to see if I win that sewing machine trolley.
nite nite


  1. Glad you are feeling better and more positive. Congrats on a new baby to love.

  2. I got my big bag at Spotlight a few years ago $90 I'm sure they still sell them. You might have to look at your chair and your sewing desk maybe you need to tweak them a bit for your backs sake. Take care Chris.

  3. Chris, it's not that I don't sew much...I don't sew at all! LOL! I'm off to the Post Shop this morning, so you should get the little project in the next few days. XXXX

    1. Cool! You don't sew AT ALL!!!! I could have said that about 9 years ago.

    2. Really? So it's never too late to learn, eh?

  4. True, true. And if I can teach myself, you can too. But ya have to want to of course.

  5. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Hi will help the back and a multitude of other things. I have been going for over a month now and its fabulous. Amazing just how many muscles we don't use and you certainly find them. Find a beginners class, great for getting going. Hope to be up your way soon, so will call in for a diet coke LOL. Hugs, Michele, Palmerston North

  6. I have never had any problems with Ebay, nor has Tom. Of course, it's always good to check the feedback score xxxxxx

  7. Anonymous3:02 PM


    Do you take anti inflammatory medications for your back?



    1. No I don't Peta. Maybe I should talk to the doctor about that? This back problem is happening more and more, so probably a good idea.

  8. Hi Chris,
    I have hundreds of eBay transactions under my belt and ZERO problems. I used to buy and sell on there a LOT! Not so much anymore - but there is no real reason for that. I LOVE all of your sewing projects! I myself do not sew. At all. In fact - I have to send goodies out to my friends for ANYTHING that needs sewing. Even a button! I did something fun this weekend though. INDIGO dyeing! We did lots of cool folds and things and dipped it in real Indigo and had tods of cool results. I will post you a link to some pictures when I get them online. And the back pain. I see someone up above suggested yoga. My hubby wrenched his back a while ago and I bought the DVD "Viniyogatherapy for low back, sacrum and hips" with Gary Kraftsow. IT is an EASY and by EASY I mean "easily doable even by us heavier gals" short, yoda dvd. Some yoga can be labeled beginners and still knock me flat to the ground - this one just gets your back "moving" a bit and you still can move afterwards. If you can find it -it's nice to have around in these painful times.

  9. What strength are your Tramadol Chris ? I know 50mg was more than enough for me whereas when DH was ableto take them he needed 150mg. He has to take alternate pain relief now as Tramadol conflicts with his current medication.(

  10. Dee they are 50mg. I will be dropping down to one at a time cos they are too strong for me. I just had a really bad bout of nausea and feel very sick.

  11. I like those batiks, my boss uses eBay all the time they have no problem. Can you take ibuprofen that's an anti flamm, I can tolerate 100mg of tramadol, by anything over that and I'm had it.

    1. No I can't take ibuprofen cos of me diabetes.

  12. I'm always spewy and spaced out with tramadol...can't take it. Try voltaren or something maybe?

    1. I can't take nurofen or Voltarin because I'm on Metformin for diabetes and my kidney function, which is already compromised.

  13. I hope you feel better.

    When bidding on eBay, I notice when the bidding ends, get online about 5 minutes before, and make sure you win it. You might not be the only one doing that though...

  14. Hope you win! And do take it easy and let Bex help you out. :)

  15. Ugh the ugly side affects of medications.

    I've done a lot of ebay but not too much lately. Never really had any problems.

  16. Always take your painkillers with food, and because mine make me so terribly sick and bombed out, I can only take them at night, regardless of how much pain I'm in. but I take ibuprofen through the day to take the edge off (with food!). good luck, hope it settles down soon xx


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