Thursday, September 18, 2014


After tossing a few names around all day yesterday we came up with....

TALLULAH, Lulah for short.

I got the name from the first Britto soft toy I bought, her name is Tallulah and it's always made me smile.

ABOVE:  Dante might be a bit confused for a while, he loves Tallulah the toy!  He only has to hear her name and he wants her out of the display cabinet!  But, I'm sure he will get it in the end.

Once Brylee and Griffin are out of bed I shall get them to draw the winner out of the bowl ... then you will know if you won the Lighthouse Wall Hanging or not.

Sorry!  You have to wait just a bit longer...

Today this is on my 'To Do' list:

IRONING.  For my hubby.  Cos he let me get Tallulah.  I can iron his shirts, it's the least I can do to say 'Thank You'.
And I friggin HATE ironing shirts.  With a passion.


ABOVE:  Who wouldn't just LOVE to have a brother like Griffin?  *smiles*
The winner of the little Lighthouse Wall Hanging is:  Louise F, congrats Chick.
Email me with your address and it will be in the post in a few days. 

( )

Bloody cute kid.  He is feeling much better now, thank goodness.  I just hope he doesn't catch my cough too.

Sewing is happening... and ummm.... where's a bloody 'Hi'... 'Good morning'... SOMETHING from someone!  Pfffft.  Blog world is freakin' quiet.  I'm still HERE!

Well  I've not done that ironing yet... but it will get done.
I'm doing a little sewing, just about finished a little side project for a friend, and I'm about to start on J's Wall Panel.  Just watched a You Tube Tutorial on pinwheels done easy.
Can't wait to try it!

ABOVE:  First true 'patchwork' block I've made in a while.  Not perfect dammit.  Must try harder... they say practise makes perfect right?

Getting better.   But I will get advice from the Patchwork Tutor tomorrow to see how to get those bloody points perfect.

Karen Jones:  I'm a 'visual learner', so your instructions are a bit lost on me!  I get the drift, but I still can't seem to get those points to meet!

End of Day:  Feeling crabby tonight,  didn't have dinner because I had two big salad sandwiches for lunch and wasn't hungry.  I am now.
The family had takeaways, it was quite easy to resist!
nite nite


  1. I posted a comment earlier, not sure where they go haha. I was looking at Stews shirts thinking of all the quilts you could make with them haha. I'm still sick from that flu. For infection in my throat. Taking ages too get better. So pissed off.

  2. Ironing….yuk !!!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Dante bounces back so fast when I'll that's good. I do my ironing every day some day 1-2 things other days 3-4 once or twice I have had a pile like 15 things but that doesn't happen very often. I have a table top ironing board and I reckon that makes the job easier.

  5. I never ever iron! My little man has been so sick too this week, do many things going around! Dante is so gorgeous :)

  6. I put a pin on both sides of the seam, left and right making sure that they meet first. Never fails.

  7. It is 11.22pm & I am having dinner so it is never too late. Went to a show tonight & instead of getting takeaway on the way home I cooked at home.

  8. I would have never noticed the patchwork defect had you not pointed it out.

    BTW, I lost my blog, all 9 years. 101 Domain destroyed it for me. Still trying to restore it.

  9. You aren't the only one who hates ironing!!! The hubby works for the Feds and has to wear a uniform. It's a pain in the bum trying to get sharp creases in combat style trousers...ugh


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