Tuesday, September 09, 2014


Sometime this morning I've got a Sky Technician coming around to install SKY in my garage.

So... when Stew is watching SPORT on a friday night, or during the weekend, I have the option of watching whatever I want in me sewing room!

How cool is that?  No more having to feel guilty if I want to watch Coronation Street.  No more huffing and puffing when HE wants to 'quickly' check the score when I'm engrossed in something else, no more having to watch DVD movies in the sewing room, I can actually watch the programmes I want to.

It's going to be bloody neat.

And all for $25 more a month.  SCORE.

So, I hope the person they send doesn't have too much trouble getting the cables down to the garage!  I am really looking forward to  'SPORT FREE' weekends for me.

I don't have any other plans as such for today.  Except take it easy.  My back was very sore last night after kinda overdoing it a bit yesterday.
Being in the shop, on me feet a lot sure didn't help.
But I did get treasure!  Gotta love treasure.

OOO I just remembered.  I can relax in the spa sometime today.  That should be good.

Bex and Dante will probably be at Playcentre today, so just me here this morning.  

I saw on the news last night Prince William and Kate are expecting their 2nd baby, so is Bex's midwife.  Sadly, Bex's midwife has moved to the USA for about 5 years... so Bex has to find a new one for their 2nd baby. 

I'm sure they will find a nice one.

Right, gunna go make me bed, can't have the Sky person see me bed unmade!


The Sky man arrived bang on 8.30 am!  And he's now busy putting in cable... ya I should be watching Sky while sewing by lunchtime.

I'm feeling rather sick this morning, and I've already had 4 hot flushes since getting out of bed.

BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICATION.  It can only be that.  Damn and blast it, that's why I stopped taking it a few months ago.  Now I HAVE to be on it cos of me very high blood pressure, and I suppose I will have to just put up with the side effects.

Who wants to wake up every morning feeling sick?  Grrrrrr.  If I was pregnant I wouldn't mind... but we all know that is never gunna happen again!

What can I say about today so far?  I've felt ill for hours.  And done nothing at all.  Fell asleep.  Woke up.  Felt like shit and so just kept still watching some mindless TV.  

It's now time to sort out dinner and make some moves towards actually doing something with the day!

And the worst thing?   Diet Coke tastes revolting today. Like soapy water, with fizz.  Ikkkk.

First time ever, I'm cooking a vegetable quiche to go with dinner tonight.  Bet that thrills Stew muchly!  *evil smiles*  

KAREN:  The only comments that get through un-moderated are on posts up to 4 days old, after that they have to be moderated.  So all spam goes to the moderation folder or Spam.  I then go through them and delete them or publish if it's a genuine comment.
It's working great.

Oh and KAREN, let me know if you get the comment I put on your blog, it came back as a 'permanent failure' to deliver to you.

BIG FRIGHT just now.  Got a phone call from Dog Control.  Some one down the road had found our dogs roaming!!!
I'm like ... WHAT?  HOW?   

Then I remembered the Sky man had been here, and he used the side gates.
Anyway, after firstly going to the wrong road, I found them and brought them home.
Coco looks so guilty!  Teddy just follows her, he wouldn't run away on his own, he's a sookie la la.

All well that ends well ... though I will be double checking the gates from now on when someone else comes on our property!

Dinner is smelling rather nice I must say.

My vege quiche went down really well!  Even Griffin (who hates veges) ate the lot.  And Stew too, he's not too keen on most veges either.
So, success all round.

End of Day:  only starting to feel a bit better now, and it's after 10 pm.  I hope tomorrow is better, or I'm going to be pretty crabby.
nite nite


  1. I quit checking blogs for a week and LOOK WHAT HAPPENS. Your whole life has exploded. In a good way. CONGRATS on your newfound determination, the new grandbaby and getting cable and Griffin growing like a weed! Whooosh! Life happens fast there! :)

  2. Anonymous8:55 AM

    I live in the UK and I haven't heard of the royals preggie. Suppose we have to foot the bill for this one aswell.
    Sue Park

  3. That's a good idea about sky makes for a happier household ! Hope the blood pressure settles soon. Beautiful sunny day here but cold this morning.

  4. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Get them to change your BP pills if they aren't suiting you - honestly I went through about five different ones before finding one that suited. It may be too much of a dose also... don't put up with it for more than a day or two - ring the nurse and they may suggest halving the pill. That feeling is gross huh? All spacey and yuk.

    Have a great day apart from that - sun is shining!


  5. Good move re Sky . We have Direct TV here ... it's installed in both the lounge and the bedroom .. so if we want to watch different programs, we can. Very handy, especially when there is a rugby game on at the same time as his stupid NFL ..LOL. Makes for marital harmony :-) So ... have dragged myself out of the slump I've been in for a bit and got my blog up and running again...so expect to see me around :-)

  6. So you aren't approving comments before they published anymore? How are you dealing with spammers? My poor wee blog has been right royally spammed...especially by sex chat ones!!!

  7. Great that you will be able to watch what you want when you want. :). I'm with Kate on the BP pills. Ring the surgery as you sure don't have to put up with those side effects. Hope it works out :) great warm weather down here at last.......don't like winters lol

  8. I hope you're feeling better. Good move re Sky. You can have a sports-free zone.

  9. Anonymous7:02 PM


    Has anyone ever used Optifast to lose some weight quickly ? The Dr recommended it for the short term.


  10. ... sorry to hear you have felt so crappy today :(

  11. We have Sky multiroom too. Gary watches tv downstairs & can yell at the referees all he likes while I (or the kids) watch something else.

    Gary went thru heaps of different BP pill combinations and some made him feel totally awful. It seems to have settled down now but has to be careful what he eats as sometimes he gets a bad reaction. He has started exercising, just going for a walk each day after work & when he checks his BP it is definately better.

  12. Yeah on the veggie quiche! Hopefully it will only take you a few days to adjust to the new meds :(


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