Sunday, September 21, 2014


Seriously, it's a shit day.  Cold and wet.
And we don't have much to do except keep warm.

I do have a couple of things, like get the puppy crate up from the store room, and find the puppy food!  As Tallulah is being fed a different puppy food to what we have, I will have to wean her off it and onto our's.

That should take about a week.  6 more sleeps and she will be home.  Exciting!!!

So... I ended up eating a bit of crap last night.  Some Vege chips and a few (8?) pieces of chocolate.  Did I feel naughty?  YES.  Do I regret it?  NO.
Cos I am still on track, still feeling bloody confident I can and will get to my mini-goal by the end of the year.  
REALLY EXCITED about getting there too.

There is nothing like feeling in control.

Now I just have to work on getting some regular exercise (again).  Hopefully my lingering cough won't hold me back for much longer.

Today, apart from keeping warm, I'm going to get the housework done with the help of Stew and the kids... less for me to do on Monday.  And it will give them all something to do besides be bored.  

At least these coming school holidays (end of this coming week) the kids will have something to keep them busy (TULLULAH!).  Having her will probably keep me sane too, cos the kids will be occupied looking after her.

Right, no photos for the day as yet... so I'll bugger off and get a list made of jobs to do today!


Where the hell has the day gone?  It's almost 1 pm and I've still not had lunch... nothing!
Most of the jobs are done though, so all good on that front.

Might spend the afternoon getting a few small sewing projects finished ...  and doing the bloody ironing.

Ironing... IS DONE.  What a shit job.  But I feel like a good wifey having done it for Stew.  I know he appreciates it so sometimes it is worth doing it!

I'm now going through clothes in suitcases that I've had 'put aside' for about 8 years... for me to 'shrink' into them again.  I think they are like a weight around my neck, so I'm giving them all to Hospice.

When I lose weight I can buy some new clothes.  I don't want to be carrying 'old' memories in a suitcase.

KELLY:  If there is anything I think you might like I will put it aside for you.  

I think I've cracked why I feel so tired most days lately.  Cough medicine!  It's loaded with alcohol (20%)!  I'm half pissed by lunchtime!!!


End of Day:  very happy with how much got done today... and for finally letting go of some old clothes that were just weighing me down.
nite nite


  1. I won't tell you then that we have brilliant blue skies and sunshine here :-) It's summers last hurrah for us, I think. You must be getting really excited about the new puppy!!

  2. Crap weather. First it is blue and sunny then crappy grey and rainy and even a hailstorm! ! Feels like winter all over again.

  3. Wat sizes are the clothes mum I might fit some of them.

  4. We have had cold miserable day here too, I have been cutting and pasting photos most of the day and trying to get washing half dry!
    Semi succeeding.

  5. Wet and miserable here too.
    Hope that cough gets better soon x

  6. sometimes it's good to get rid of the clothes like that. Usually after I do that I lose weight haha. But really things go out of style quick anyways.


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