Monday, September 22, 2014


It's me last Monday at hospice shop for two weeks.  School holidays start on Friday... and we get Tallulah on Saturday... so exciting.

Not sure I will be saying that after a few sleepless nights of puppy howling!  And puppy puddles and poopy accidents!

Oh well... she will outgrow all that quick enough.

This morning I'm going to just chill out ... might have a long soak in the bath and really relax.
Then I might do some sewing.  

I can't remember if today is a Playcentre day for Bex and Dante?  But as she's got the cough from hell too... maybe she will just stay home.  Time will tell.


I had Stew bring out to the lounge the two suitcases that I had stored my 'old' clothes in...

ABOVE:  ... and they sat in the lounge for a while.  Then Griffin can into the room and sat down near me.  He was looking at the suitcases for a minute... and then he asked my why had I packed my bags?

I didn't even hesitate!

I just said "Because I am leaving tomorrow".

He was like... "What?  Why,  Where are you going?"

And I said "I am just so over everything and everyone here, I want to live on my own somewhere else"  (.... evil I know!)

The Poor Kid believed me and his face fell a mile in a split second!  He looked really upset, so I had to put him out of his misery and I told him I was only joking!

I think he forgave me!  hee hee heeee....

Right, better go and start the day...


Dripping wet hair... but the bath was just devine!  It's been a while since I had a long soad in the bath I must say.  

The weather today!  OMG it is dreadful!  Driving rain, squalls, winds, just disgusting.
So bad down in Wellington a plane had to abort it's landing due to the wild weather.  It sounds like the entire country is getting hammered.

Something tells me it's going to be VERY  quiet at the shop today!

Well.. it wasn't that quiet after all!  The weather cleared up after lunch and the sun came out, so did the customers.

So, the afternoon went by faster than I expected.  We had the front door closed due to the wind, so it wasn't that cold in the shop either, which was something I was dreading.

I've not got anything to show you today, I kept my spending to a bare minimum and just bought some puppy toys and a Tupperware container for Bex.

Talking of Bex, she's hard at it in the kitchen cooking dinner.  So I can just sit back and wait to have it delivered to me lap.  Yaaaa.

End of Day:  well a lovely evening spent doing bugger all!  Curled up on the couch watching TV and playing on my phone.  What better way to spend a freezing cold evening?
nite nite


  1. OMG that is so mean. .....but so funny at same time.

  2. I wonder what the two resident dogs will think of the newcomer. I will tell you my Shih Tzu Hagrid was not at all pleased when we brought the collie puppy home. It took two months for him to even tolerate Ollie. After four months or so they were buddies. It took a long time. Lots of Shih-tzu temper tantrums! Good luck to Tallulah!

  3. Awwww Chris that's so naughty of you. Those are helps big suitcases I must say, we are being battered here too. Sun is out but windy cold and ick

  4. How are ya doing on your diet? Do those old clothes fit? Hope you are doing ok and feeling good.

  5. I agree, that was mean!

  6. poor kid lol. I'd so do that too though ;)


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