Wednesday, September 03, 2014


My next sewing project is going to be a single bed, Dresden Plate Quilt.  In pinks.

Cos... ya never know what the next baby will be.  Well......... not yet anyway.

So excited.

Right... these are the ideas:

ABOVE:  Same Dresden Plate, different backgrounds.  Which one to use?   Bex likes the green one, I like the white one, neither of us are sure about the brown.

Today is Patchwork class. I might just do a mug rug or two instead of spending all my time there cutting out Dresden Plate pieces.

I'm looking forward to it... getting out and about.


MARLS:  I do have some pink, but it's the wrong shade and looked freakin' disgusting!
I might get some from Spotlight today to try it.

Class today was lovely, there were 4 ladies plus the tutor and me.  So a nice group.
One of the ladies was finishing off a Dog Cuddle Quilt, and I fell in love with the Dog Panel she had bought.

I asked where she got it from (Waihi) and she said she bought it YEARS AND YEARS ago.  So I wouldn't be able to get another one.

Really?   I hot footed it home and immediately got on Ebay, and BOOM!   Last one for sale... so I bought it, is should arrive middle of the month.

 ABOVE:  isn't it GORGEOUS!  You cut the blocks out and surround them with a fabric of your choice, the lady at class had used a brown fabric with paw prints all over it ... and a bright multi-striped fabric as the border.   I will be doing the same I think.

ABOVE:   Option 4.  Which I am going with.  I can use brighter, contrasting colours for the sashings and borders... if it needs any more colour.   I've not decided yet what to use for the middle of each Dresden Plate... time will tell.

Griffin has a sore throat, so I made a Doctor's appointment for him.... and Bex suggested I try to see the Doctor too for my back.
So I did.

Griffin's throat isn't too bad according to the Dr, but she took a swab and we have an antibiotic prescription IF he has strep throat, should know by Friday.

Me?  I've got Tramadol for me back.  YUM... I know that stuff works!  Fingers crossed it kicks in soon cos the constant pain is making me feel sick.

Sadly, the Tramadol hasn't helped much... YET.  I'm hoping once it gets into my system thoroughly it will make a difference?

Having a quiet evening (as per usual), cut out another few blades for the 2nd Dresden Plate.  I can't wait to put a few together to see how it's going to look!

End of Day:  a neat day, bad back aside.  Off to have a spa now... if the water is hot enough!
nite nite


  1. Green for me Chris. It makes the colours in block pop!

  2. I like the green for a block, but would it be too much for a whole quilt? Not sure if the white works though-have you got any pink to see how that looks?

  3. I like the green one too very bright. The booties you knitted will come in handy then. No doubt you will think off other projects.

  4. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Congratulations to Bex and Steve, and congratulations to another lucky grandbaby having you and Stew as grandparents. I love the green, but I would love to see it in pink to compare. Just wondering what Maris said whether the green would be too much.

  5. I like the green too, maybe you could alternate green and white? Then the green wouldn't be over powering. Your Dresdens are wonderful!

  6. Definitely the green - makes all the colours just loo more vibrant.

  7. loving the green.... Congats to Bex and Steve!!... she must only be a few weeks along??? x

  8. I like the pale pink that you're going with. The green is vibrant and eyecatching but too much of a contrast, to my eyes. After all, you want the patchwork centre to be the star.

  9. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Hi Chris Congratulations to Bex and Steve and the whole family! It is good you are enjoying your groups. I will email you soon,



  10. Liking the pink you have got. Hope your back improves.

  11. I've had strepthroat since Sunday and it's horrid. Today's first day I can eat proper food. Have ice blocks on hand to numb his throat because I couldn't even drink water. On abs now and feeling 75% better. But no voice and crappy cough lol. Good luck Griffin.

  12. I don't like the brown, but any of the others would work well. The dog panel is cute and would make an adorable baby quilt!

  13. definitely the pink background... I think the others make the patchwork look a bit gaudy, but it blends beautifully on the pink... LOVE the dog cuddle material.. can't wait to see what you do with that!

  14. Looks like neckties! From clowns! (I'd wear ties like those!)

  15. Well you already decided but I like the green :) The dogs are cute!


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