Monday, September 08, 2014


Something clicked in me head over the weekend, and I came to the realisation that I have been dicking around for YEARS, constantly 'wanting' to lose weight, but never sticking to anything for long.

Well... guess what?

I'm feeling really confident that I am, (AGAIN), in the right frame of mind to do something constructive about me body.

I don't want to stay on this bloody merry-go-round.  I want off.

I want  no! ... I AM going to get back to counting points, using all that I learnt years ago from Weight Watchers to help me lose at least 15 - 20 kilos by CHRISTMAS.  I can do it.  I am going to do it.

Then next year I will lose another 10 - 15 kilos to bring me back to something near my own personal goal.  

A goal that is achievable and maintainable for me.   I'm rearing to go.

KAREN JONES:  I have given it some thought already, and I will be loading my sewing machine into the bag, wheeling it out to me car and putting it in, then I will have everything else in another bag until I get to the class, where I will then load it into the sewing machine bag once I've lifted it out of the car.  Reversing that when I leave the class and come home.

So, I will not be lifting the bag with EVERYTHING in it, in and out of me car.  Clever thinking?  Yep.

Today?  I plan on doing some housework (which is exercise), then some sewing.

After lunch I shall be going to do my shift at the Hospice Shop.  

ABOVE: This is what I have planned for this piece of fabric.  I'm making it into a hanging for me garage internal door.  Men can have 'Man Caves'... so I can have a Woman Cave!  Yeah.
Right, time to go and start the day, so, until later....

Well its a lovely day at the shop. A lady just brought in a box a chocolates as a thank you. Awwww and I cant have any... cos I'm being good!

Yikes! I've managed to get heaps of stuff today. .... will show you when I get home.

HI!  Home after a busy afternoon, with good sales.  It sure makes the afternoon go faster like that.

I went a little nuts today:

 ABOVE: lots and lots of plastic ware for Bex and some lovely treasures for me.

ABOVE:  Dante in this little thing that is supposed to be for an infant to lie in during summer, to keep the insects off it.
I'm going to use it to keep flies off our picnics!

Dante lay in it for ages with his new plane...

Luckily I managed to steal it off him and fold it up. It's going to stay in me car until we use it in summer.

End of Day: well I'm really sore tonight.  My back is not happy with me at all.  Something tells me tomorrow is going to be a quiet day.
nite nite


  1. I love that fabric !!!!!
    Good luck on the new weight loss journey, we know that you can do it as you have done it before.

  2. Lovely to see you sounding so positive. xxx

  3. Haha the shop was busy cause you was buying! Love the metal and glass stuff, neat fabric too. You will have heaps to keep you busy at class then.

  4. Ohhhh I love the tui door stop!

  5. Great posts today, nice & positive :-)

  6. Aww your poor back! I bet once you get your weight down some more it will start feeling better. I love your resolve! I need to get this 20 pounds off. I can't get my pants on lol.

  7. I wish you luck and skill and success in losing weight. For me, there's nothing harder than not eating when I'm hngry.

    I like the anti-bug picnic tent!

  8. Love the fabric Chris.


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