Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I was reminded yesterday that our 2nd litter of puppies were turning 2!
And we are very lucky that some of our puppy families keep in touch, and send up photos of our pups:

This is PEPPA, she turned 2 yesterday:

ABOVE:  Hasn't she become a real beauty!  I am told she is totally adorable, but then... we only make adorable puppies!
Something tells me she's a real ratbag too!  She was the most spunky puppy from our 2nd litter.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIESEL, PHANTOM, POPPY, PEPPA, MOLLY and ROXY.  I am sure you are all living lovely lives with your families.

Our 3rd litter all turned (1 on August 27th) edit:  got that wrong!  Their birthdays are on 25th and 26th October this year... RUBY,POLLY, PAISLEY, JASPER and JETT... We hope you are all doing well too.

Seeing as I'm mentioning puppies, I better not forget our 1st litter!  Born on 3rd August 2011... BRUISER, CHICO, RHINO, INDY, CHARLIE, BEE BEE and KIBA.  Heck they are 3 years old!  I can remember them all so well.

                                 LITTER 1

I hope that once Tallulah is old enough we can have more GORGEOUS PUPPIES!  I am so looking forward to that again.

Though, I think we will just enjoy her being our new baby for now... *smiles* 4 more sleeps...

Today?  Some sewing maybe.  I also might pop out to have a browse around the mall... summer is coming and I have bugger all to wear... cleaning out one's wardrobe does that!


There is NOTHING like clothes shopping and two way mirrors to make you realise you are as big as a bloody cow!  I'm not buying any more clothes until I have lost at least 20 freakin' kilos!
End of story.

I'm depressed now.  And FAT.  Feel ugly as.
I needed a trim of me hair... and felt like chopping all my hair off cos I was so CRABBY, but instead I just got 5 inches cut off instead.

ABOVE: Stew came home with flowers for his 'fugly' wife.  Awwww.... ta darling.
Dante liked them, until I put them in a safe place!  Then he wasn't that impressed with me.

There is no point taking a photo of me hair!  It's just the same, only 5 inches shorter.

End of Day:  well an uneventful evening... just watched some TV, ate some pop corn and now... off to bed.
nite nite


  1. Squeals puppies all so utterly gorgeous. -2 start here mountains and ranges dripping in snow! Gorgeous but freezing.

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww ... those puppies are so stinkin' cute!!!! :-)

  3. Gorgeous Puppy Pics :)

  4. Lorraine H12:48 PM

    OH Chris chin up girl.You are one of a kind.A beautiful caring Lady.
    Those fur babies are adorable little creatures.All grown up & flown the Nest.
    Southgirl x.

  5. I know exactly how you feel about clothes shopping. It is the best way to put me in a bad mood & make me feel like crap - regardless of how good I feel when I start out.

  6. Photo of the hair.

    1. It's just the same hair, only shorter. Doh.

  7. Photos please. Don't beat yourself up. You're doing well and think of the other things you've achieves in the last wee while. You'll be ok. Sometimes a fat piggy trying on clothes day gets you back on the straight and narrow. ..After the feeling revolting and a getting mad at yourself is over of course. ..

  8. Nice One Stew :) Clothes shopping sucks - the only thing worse is swimsuit shopping!!

  9. You're about due for another puppyload!

  10. LOL on the flowers in a safe place.

    I hate when that happens when I try on clothes. Sometimes I think it's just the lighting/mirrors in the stores too because some days are good and other bad lol.


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