Wednesday, October 01, 2014


Yesterday afternoon I piled all the washing on the Family Room floor, ready for folding.

And this is what entailed:

ABOVE:  It appeared to be an open invitation to play in the pile!  BOTH toddlers.  Coco kept a grown up watch on them.

At one point Tallulah was having a tug-of-war with Bex over a bath mat... so...

 ABOVE: Dante decided to do it too!  That kid will copy anything and anyone.   This was TOTALLY unscripted!  So cute.

I am 'forward' posting this... cos I'm hoping to have a bit of a sleep in this morning... as much as the puppy will allow me anyway.

I'm hoping like hell she's been good all night with Coco for company?

I will let you know later, when I get up.
I'm also hoping I'm feeling a bit better today, yesterday was a rough day.


SUCCESS!!!   Tallulah didn't bark all night.  Coco was a champ ... well she didn't have a choice really.  I made sure she had to stay on the floor with the puppy by putting toys all over the couch and dining chairs!

Tonight I am going to put Coco and Tallulah in the laundry.  Teddy gets to sleep with Griffin or Brylee until he's more tolerant of Tallulah.

While puppy was good, Stew and I both got up at 2.30 am and put her and Coco outside for a toilet break.  So, still broken sleep.

Good news... my cough is almost gone!  So relieved.  
Bad news... snot, snot and more snot.  And sneezing... gigantic sneezes, enough to wake up the neighbourhood!

I'm going to the chemist today to get more pain killers (Panadol), as funnily enough this household has gone through them all.

I'm hoping like hell we are all well by next week as I want to go to Tauranga and see Lacy and Keera.  Stew is taking next week off, so we can go together.  That will be lovely.

And Bex has offered to look after Tallulah for us, yaaa!

Well.. a good trip out and about.  I got a shit load of Panadol of various sorts for our head aches and aches and pains, then posted a little parcel off to a friend... and visited the Hospice Shop.

Where I found the most lovely blue ear rings!
How about a 'selfie'?

ABOVE:  I look stuffed up in the face.. I FEEL stuffed up in the face!  But the ear rings are gorgeous!

I just cooked something I've never cooked before.  Stew is going to love me.

It's very quiet in blogworld today?  I keep wondering if blogging is becoming a dying 'thing'?  Hmmm....

So what did I cook?  No Kelly, it wasn't pumpkin!  If your Dad wants pumpkin he has to buy it, skin it and cook that crap himself!

I will show you tomorrow, so then I've got a photo for the start of the day!

End of Day:  I've done bugger all today, yep, I did a little cooking, I made dinner, but mostly I lay on the couch and felt like shit... with a capital S.  
Off to bed to get all blocked up and shitty.
nite nite


  1. glad you are feeling *slightly* better!!... cute new ear rings always help me when I feel sick!!! xxxx

  2. Anonymous6:16 PM


    I am still here reading and enjoying the pics of the gorgeous Dante and cute little puppy.....

    Take care


  3. ohhh I hope blogging doesn't becoming a dying "thing" … I enjoy it…and I love reading yours

  4. That washing pile is looking like mine minus the puppy and toddler!
    There are a lot of stuffed up people down this way too.....

  5. get that thought out of your head, blogging is not and I hope never will be a dying thing. I only wish I could be clever enough with words to produce something so ordinary that captivates so many. I read yours and Lynda's blogs always from NZ and Fat mum slims from Oz every time there is a post. I learn so much on life from the "other side" of the world.
    Carry on blogging please x

  6. What did you cook?!?!

  7. I suppose you get what you ask for, putting a large pile os soft, warm, aromatic, inviting, fluffy clothes on the floor. Kind of like a pile of leaves in the yard in the autumn.

    I've had a cough lately too. Hope yours continues to go away!


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