Saturday, February 22, 2014


HAPPBIRTHDAY LACY... I hope you are enjoying your birthday in Tauranga.

Last night I decided to try getting new ring tones for my lovely smart phone.
I went on 'Zedge' and spent several hours downloading new ring tones!
I found a new one for all my 'normal' contacts.
It was a lot of fun!

That's how I came to be still up at 1 am this morning!

Oh well... I can always have a 'nana nap' later on today if I need it.

Next.... some cute photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE: it was so darn hot yesterday, I got Steve to bring up the HUGE fan from downstairs.  

 ABOVE:  Keera just LOVED the fan ... it's a wonder it didn't blow her over, we had it on the highest setting.  It sounds exactly like a plane getting ready to take off!

ABOVE:  I chucked Keera in the pool with Griffin to cool down.  She loved it, such a water baby.

ABOVE:  There was a LOT of splashing.  

ABOVE:  Bex made me a blue Elmo.  Dante saw it and decided it was his.  I had to give it to him ... his little bottom lip was wobbling, and I couldn't be so mean.
I got it back later on in the evening. 

Now what?  Ummm.... feed the kid, change the kid, look after the kid... you get the drift I'm sure!

Shit!  I just remembered... we are going out to lunch today.
Our neighbours arrived home from China a few days ago and they are taking us to lunch!  I think it's by way of a 'Thank You' because we kept an eye on their home for them.  They were away for 4 months.

I better move my butt....


Far out, it's a stinking hot day again.  Only today we have drizzle, so the humidity is right up there!  Uggg.  

Poor Dante is cutting molars, so he's grizzly and hard to keep happy right now.  This weather must be horrid on littlies too.

I'm looking forward to lunch!  I've never been to a 'Yum Cha' lunch before.  Stew has, and reckons it really nice.
ABOVE: That is where we are going.  Their menu looks amazing!

Sun World in Newmarket, 2A York Street:  Amazing food.  Fantastic variety of tasty treats.  OMG it was so good we just have to go there again... soon!

But book first, cos it's hugely popular.  There were people queuing to get in!  I'm so not surprised.

I tasted so many things I had never tried before... I think the one that most surprised me was rice balls with sesame paste inside.  So yum!

I wonder if  the 'Yum' in Yum Cha means exactly that!  YUM!  *smiles*

It was really nice to get to know Allen and Lucy better too.  We had a really good time with them, discussing food/jobs/kids etc.  They have a 9 month old baby girl (Melissa) who was happy to sit on my lap and smile.  

Now?  We are heading off to Sylvia Park to get a few things done.  New school shoes top of the list for Griffin.  That boy goes through shoes every 3 months!  

I've also got a couple of parcels to post off.  More sewing stuff leaving me house.  I enjoy sending my sewing projects off to friends and family.

It gives me a reason to make MORE!  lol

End of Day: a really lovely day today.  Way too hot, but we are lucky our temperatures aren't as bad as in other countries.
nite nite


  1. Beautiful pictures on a wonderfully hot day!

  2. OMG that is a fan and a half, Keera looked so cute by fan and in the pool. It certainly was hot yesterday I nearly went into the lake for a swim......

  3. OH my goodness!! Keera has certainly grown up in my absence!! wow! She is just darling! What a cute laugh! On my phone for Bob I have a roaring car sound, for daughter Kelly I have a dog barking. Those are the only different sounds I have. I purchased a new 5S Apple phone a few days ago and just LOVE it!! Griffin is more grown up too. How old is he now? 11? Hope you had a good lunch with your neighbor! that was nice to take you to lunch. You got to hear all about her trip I would imagine.

  4. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Keera is so cute!!! WOW...that is a huge fan! I have to sleep with two in the hall, and one in my room. Maybe if I had a big one like that I'd only need one! LOL
    Happy Birthday Lacy!!!
    LOVE the blue Elmo! My mom use to make such cute crochet things like that! hugs and smiles~

  5. Yum cha is fun. :) Enjoy :). Think NZers gave the same hot humid weather as Aussis right now. Some days I think I will melt. Thank goodness for air con over here. :) Wishing you a happy weekend:)

  6. Happy birthday Lacy

  7. I love love love Yum Cha. I haven't been in ages.

    Happy Birthday Lacy :-)

  8. Yum cha literally means drink (yum) tea (cha). It's Cantonese. Yum cha is used to mean a style of light eating where you eat small dim sum (like the stuff you tried) and drink tea to go with it. Over here we have Din Tai Fung which is our favourite and new to Singapore, Tim Ho Wan. If you have Din Tai Fung, you must try it.


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