Monday, February 10, 2014


Today is my 2nd shift of the year at Hospice Shop.  I can pick up the 'treasure' that I put aside from last week.  Cool.
AND I am taking down a box full of 'stuff' to exchange for my new treasure!
I am liking this idea a lot.

NOW... some more photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE:  a Maple Leaf mug rug.  I'm not that happy with the veins at the bottom of the leaf, so this one is just a 'tester'.   Apart from that, it's quite nice.

ABOVE:  I think she was hiding from Keera.  lol

ABOVE:  She's starting to sport a good crop of zits on her forehead.  Poor kid, I can remember puberty.

ABOVE:  Griffin getting a lesson in how to cut hassleback potatoes from Steve. 

ABOVE: A nice one of Bex and Dante.  

Steve nicked me camera and took a whole bunch of photos, most of HIS BUTT... which I deleted. 

You can all say "Thank You" about now.  *smiles* 

ABOVE: Dante last night... he went a bit nuts and was being very entertaining.  He had us in stitches laughing at him.

Right... time to go and get moving... got to get the kids off to school then head out myself.


ABOVE:  today's treasure.  A little lamp, a wooden box for holding CD's (so cute!), a wee toy for Dante and a big pile of lovely clothes for granddaughters.
Not bad!
Bex and I have just had our lunch (a bit late) and caught up on 3 episodes of Home And Away!   Yaaaa.

Time now to get on with some sewing...

End of Day: well I got a good bit of sewing done this afternoon/evening.
Dinner was a slap up arrangement of sausages, bacon, potatoes, tomatoes, baked beans and spagetti!  Not exactly gourmet food.  lol
Off to bed, quite tired, it's been super hot today with a very high humidity level.
nite nite


  1. great pics love the one of Keera and the foot lol.

  2. The mugrug is beautiful. Of course, I'm a bit biaed about the maple leaf :)

    Your grandkids are adorable. Dante looks more and more like Bex!

  3. Snap I bought a black bed lamp today too $1 bargin. I never tired of seeing photo of those beautiful grand kids xx

  4. Coco so patient Keera so cute, Dante so hilarious, what a great pile of bargains you got......When are you going to finish the Dresden?

  5. Did you see the commercial about the Doberman Chihuahua mixed breed? The dog is wearing a cone and falls over and the dog gets stuck cone down, body up.

  6. Anonymous3:00 PM

    thank you LOL!!!


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