Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Two things on my agenda today...

Get me hair done.  Exciting.  I'm trying a new salon at Manukau Mall.  I hope it goes well.  First hair appointment of the year, I'm really looking forward to it.

Griffin finishes school at lunch time today as the school is holding parent teacher interviews.  Let's hope his new teacher is nice and is aware of his dyslexia/dysgraphia/dyspraxia.  I always attend these sorts of interviews with a huge dollop of trepidation, and I never expect much.

Past interviews and attitudes have taught me to expect NOTHING.   

So... *sigh*... let's see how it goes this afternoon.  The interview is at 4pm... and a whole 10 minutes long.  Almost feels pointless.

My girlfriend Sandra from Palmerston North sent me this last night, and I loved it, so am sharing:

Very clever and catchy.  I also listened to a few other versions of it on You Tube too.  All are lovely.

That's all I have for now... so until later...


OMG!  The difference in my hair colour compared to the previous salon is downright amazing! 

To say I am thrilled to bits would be right!
I'm rapt with it.
They LISTENED.  The did EXACTLY what I asked for.   

For $50 more in cost, I got a 100% better colour and experience. 
I can't get over it to tell you the truth.  So, so happy.

After all, how our hair looks is IMPORTANT to us girls!

I had my chin/lip waxed while out too.. so you won't get a photo of me hair until the redness has gone.  Such a good look... NOT!

The redness has gone, but now I have to go to Parent/Teacher interview for Griffin.  Oh what fun.

So the interview went OK.  No surprises.  No problems.  I did ask them to give less homework, cos Stew doesn't like doing homework any more than me!  lol

Now...make dinner me thinks.

ABOVE:  webcam photo.  It kinda blurs me wrinkles, so I'm not apologising for the crap quality photo!  

End of Day:  Sometimes I really, really hate some people in my life.  
And today was going so well for a while there.
nite nite


  1. Parent teacher interviews for any parent is harrowing!!!! lol Once a Teacher told my parents me and him had a love hate relationship I says "YIp I do hate you" he says right back "yes the feeling is mutual!!!!" lol first year at college.... Nice youtube video BTW hope your hair apptmnt goes well and may your day be peaceful for you.....

  2. Hair looks great! So good when you get a good salon/person. One of the important people right up there with doctors!

  3. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Beautiful!! I love the color and the cut is fantastic.

    ~Nicole in Cali

  4. That is a stunning colour. Very flattering.

  5. Love the hair! Looks great :)

  6. Your hair looks great!

    Ugh I hate homework too. It's like pulling teeth EVERY.FREAKING.DAY.

  7. Your hair colour looks fantastic, it was definitely worth the extra money. You are one gorgeous woman!


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