Wednesday, February 12, 2014


What was going to be a lovely day sewing/lying in the sun/just relaxing... is now starting with me taking my BLOODY LEMON of a sewing machine back to the repair shop.  
I am beyond annoyed.  The repair shop is in New Lynn, so it's going to take me at least half an hour to get over there.  Grrrrr.
I may have to console myself with a fat quarter or two while I'm there.  *smiles*  Actually NO, why would I spend a bloody CENT in their shop?  Stuff that.

I needed to make a phone call yesterday... and it took me FOREVER to figure out how to do that... ON MY NEW PHONE!  Seriously, I didn't have a clue.

I had only made a couple of other calls on it... and I'd found the number in my contacts, or on the 'net, and I just had to touch the number that came up to make the call.

As for manually putting the number up on the screen?  Nope, had NO IDEA!  Now that I've mastered THAT, me and my phone are getting on just fine.  lol   (I did feel like a right TWIT though).

Well... once the kids are off to school I am heading off with the LEMON.  Wish me luck.  Not that it will do any good.  It will probably be in the repair shop for a week or more, and they won't offer me a replacement or loaner.  

They never have before, so I don't expect it now.

I must get my paperwork out and see just when I last took it in?  Sometime last year.


Well, an hour and a half later, my machine is at the Repair Shop.

The Repair man tested it in front of me, and it did it's thing... beautifully.  It refused to sew anything but a straight stitch.
I asked him what it was going to cost me to get it repaired, and he said probably over $100.
To which I replied "Like hell!".
Then I told him how many times my machine had been in the Repair Shop, April/May last year being the last time.

He said NO, it couldn't have been there last year as it would have had a repair 'sticker' on it, if it had been.

I told him I could prove it!  And that there was no way I was paying one cent for it to be fixed yet again. So the repair man said he would get his boss to ring me.  I am now waiting to hear back from him, probably after 2pm.

TRACY:  the repair man said it was just a minor problem and was easily fixed just by tightening a screw inside the machine.  But it was still going to cost me over $100 for labour.  We will see.

MARIA:  as if!  There is no way they would do anything of the sort, they have never admitted my machine is a dud/lemon.
And there is no way in hell I would want another machine off them.  NO WAY.  NEVER GUNNA HAPPEN.

Why should I have to trade it in to get a 'better' machine?  That machine cost me $3,600.  It should NEVER have caused so many issues in the first place.

I have just finished a very cute bird Mug Rug for a friend's birthday.  On my little cheap Brother sewing machine.  Thank goodness I have a 'back up' machine.

End of Day:  a shitty day.  No more. No less.
nite nite


  1. Oh no, I can't believe your sewing machine is acting up again. I hope it is a quick fix.
    I have been thinking about a new phone but I really don't want to learn to use a new one. My old smart phone is already way smarter than I am.

  2. Tell him you want a ne machine, there is obviously a major fault with this one.

  3. Hopefully they will fix your lemon but if you have problems in the future take a video on your phone so you can show them what it does.

  4. I remember all the dramas you've been having this this one. Stuck to your guns, make sure you've got all the paperwork. Take it along in a manila folder so it looks like heaps! Good luck!

  5. Maria1:45 PM

    You could ask them to trade this lemon in on something that's better. And make them give you a big discount on new machine. You shouldn't be having to have it fixed all the time.

  6. Yeah, I'd be mega pissed too. No way you should have to pay for nonsense like that.

    I'm so with you with the sugar lows. Specially if I haven't eaten for a while. I find though that ordinary food doesn't work quickly enough so I find a sugar sachet under the tongue first, then let it dissolve while I prep something else. If I'm out, I head for a sugary drink. Which doesn't help the diet really!

  7. As I said last time "FairGo" this is ridiculous and for THAT sort of money not on!! And what happens when it is out of the guarantee time? I would be demanding ney suing for a new machine and ALL that absolutely not on.....

  8. Incidents like this in the sewing repair shop is exactly why God gave us nuclear weapons.

  9. Hope you don't have to pay a single cent! Sorry to hear you're having a shitty day. Take care.

  10. I'm sure you can look up the date on your blog lol


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