Friday, February 21, 2014


Yesterday I bought some lovely fabric:

ABOVE:  I have already quilted it....

I will show you when it's finished.  If you want to keep guessing, go for it!  

Next:  a cute collage of Miss Muppet playing in Aunty Bex's shoes, and then her Mum's...

ABOVE: Our Miss Keera, she's such a girly girl.  And she's right into CLIMBING now.  It pays to keep a close eye on her, you never know what she can get into/up to, Trouble with a Capital T.

Lacy and I took some night photos last night, hers seemed to take better ones than mine!  I really must devote some serious time to watching all the Instructional DVD's that came with me camera!

 ABOVE:  my copper pig weather vane takes a pretty cool picture!  I love how it has weathered over the past 15 years or so.  It really is gorgeous.

ABOVE:  I just love buoys.  I don't have many sadly.

ABOVE:  This is gorgeous too.  You can open it up and put a candle in it.  I don't bother.  It's pretty on it's own.
Today:  playing with the littlies.  Maybe sewing when Keera is sleeping?  Dunno.  But I will keep you INFORMED.... K?


HEE HEE.... I will reveal what 'it' is once it's finished, which should be sometime this afternoon.

I'm enjoying the guesses... all 5? of them since yesterday.  *smiles*

CHRISTINE:  my lips are sealed!  

Right... it's finished...

ABOVE:  Yes, two people guessed right.  *smiles*
Now when my machine has to go back to the repair shop, it will be suitably covered.
NOW I just need to find a suitable NAME for the machine from hell.
I am loving the cover... accolades now thanks...  lol.

It has been an afternoon doing very little.  The heat is diabolical inside the house, we have most of the fans on full blast and it's still stinkin' hot.
Luckily dinner was already sorted.  I got some of that beef/mince stew out of the oven and we had it with mashed spuds.  Bex also had some veges on the side.  Most of us didn't bother with side veges.

I'm thinking of sewing tonight... but it will depend on just how hot it is in me garage.  Or I could just watch Coronation Street.

Shit, that's a good idea, it's on right now... gotta go!

End of Day:  and it's actually Saturday now!  I'm up later than usual.  I got hooked on an app on me phone.  More about that tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. Apron.

    Something for the kitchen ..... can't get away from food.

    probably pot mitt/oven cloth !!!!!

    Wish we had spotlight handy. Hope the Glass house has some cheap batting and something I like for backing. I'm ready with a runner all pieced together..


  2. It is a table topper for outside or your kitchen. I say that because of the lemons.
    They remind me of a table skirt - what ever you call it....I ADORE the piggy weather vane.
    Mine is a horse!! ...debbie

  3. Anonymous9:35 AM

    This is easy.. you're making a lemon cover for your lemon sewing machine!


    1. I like the lemon cover for your lemon idea. Funny KC.
      Has anyone guessed correctly?
      Love the pig. We have pigs on our farm. Would love one of those on my shed.

  4. I think KC has got it! I would love to see that fabric in full front apron. Have you ever thought of making something like that and selling them, cheers.

  5. Totally makes sense now lol

  6. Fantastic. That looks great Chris and so appropriate. I think it's name should be Maya (as inmeyer Lemon)!!.

  7. That is hilarious... and so very clever!

  8. Ha ha .... love the "lemon" cover. :))

  9. Your lemon cover for your machine is very cool. I never would have guessed that is what you were making.....even though it was so obvious once it was done.

  10. Lemonade. For the machine it's a very helpful "aide" when is going but "lemon" when it's not

  11. Haha that's cool very clever I was going to say apron too, another scorcher here today school sports day and boy after 60 iceblocks ( mini popsicles I shared) ad I took 10 3/4 frozen iced water bottles the kids were very appreciative..... ( school now has nearly 1100 pupils...

  12. Awesome. You are one clever lady! With a wicked sense of humor. :)

  13. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Haha love the Lemon cover for the Lemon machine. You are very clever :)

  14. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Oops I forgot to put my name

  15. Haha. I bet the lemon cover guarantees it won't break down ever again - but if it does the irony will be lost on them :-)

  16. Anonymous10:23 PM

    The cover is lovely! how clever you are!


  17. I think I was a diet coke drinker according to you, for I thought it was needed to get slimmer, where you think slimmer is what you get diet coke drinking, without being aware that diet is that you slim, not drink what makes you fat, for there is sugar EVERYWHERE, as I know for I don't take sugar in whatever I take, for I don't put sugar in what call other people meals as you do by drinking diet coke!

  18. OH MY GOSH I am laughing so HARD at your cover. You are hilarious!!!


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